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Fixing An Old Vise

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  • Fixing An Old Vise

    I have around 8 vises for various jobs around the place.
    Some for milling some for drilling and some for hold stuff that I heat and pound.

    Well the other day the vise I use to hold stuff that needs to be heated or pounded broke when I used way to much force trying to grip something.

    What a shame, I love the way this vise holds on to things.

    Anyway I had to grind it to a deep vee and TIG weld it back together.
    Cast iron has a very high level of carbon content 3 to 8 percent I think so this is a major problem when welding.
    Pre and post heat is required to very high levels.
    The average gas BBQ with a hood can be used as an oven if one does not have proper facilities.

    I don't recommend anyone welding cast iron using the info from this post.

    Post fix the vise has held three things now but that does not mean that I have got it right, I will have to see how it goes over the next ten years.

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    Back to work.

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      im curious to know how that holds up. is it seeing the same duty as before the repair or are you giving it an easier time?


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        What filler wire did you use? I've had some good results with Royal I'm thinking it was the 11-10 but could be mistaken. I'd have to go through my invoices and look it up. I've also used 309 stainless filler in a pinch too.

        The repair looks good, I hope it holds up for you!


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          Hi mikecwik,
          It has only been used 3 times since the repair.
          All 3 times has been heating with only one of them needing a hammer and that was only light.
          I will keep you posted.
          If it is no good all that means is I have to buy a new one.
          I just thought I would see if I could get it to work again.



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            Hi Blondie_486,
            I used S/S filler rod.
            I hope it holds up too.



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              Originally posted by Jigantor View Post

              I just thought I would see if I could get it to work again.


              nothing wrong with a little tired of the throw away society myself.


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                Personally I think the old vices are far better than any of the new ones you can buy. I've been looking and it's hard to find one that isn't made in china. I have found one that may be worth a look see although it's not U.S.A. made it isn't an asian made one either. Bison makes lathe chucks and vices and are in Poland. I'd rather send my money the European direction rather than asian if I can't find it made in the U.S.A..

                What I'll probably end up doing though is buying a used American made vice from one of the wholesalers in my area.

                I'm currently working with a repaired vice myself but one which was already repaired before it came into my possession and was done poorly as far as fit up goes but it has been sturdy and has taken quite a whaling with a BFH to the part it held and hasn't broken again. But the jaws don't line up properly and sometimes it is a problem, most of the time it isn't but I'd still like one where the jaws line up the way they're supposed to.


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                  Originally posted by Blondie_486 View Post
                  old vices are far better than any of the new ones you can buy.
                  Nice work Ji, I agree with Blondie_486 that good vises are hard to come by. It's nice to see you were able to extend its life.



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                    Thanks chaps,
                    I love old vises and anvils.
                    I really love the Snap On vise but they don't sell them here in Australia.
                    The plane ticket costs too much.



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