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Winter project.. home made snowplow

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  • Winter project.. home made snowplow

    Just thought I would share some pictures of our snow plow we built for my 2006 honda foreman 500, still have all my ground clearance, and did not lose any steering either, and raises higher than store bought, even got a cable so you can change the angle from the seat.. still got some work to do , paint, put on cutting edge and runners, might even rivet some hard plastic from plastic 55 gallon barrel to the front of the plow to help stop snow sticking to it.. it is pretty heavy but not to bad,will add pictures after done doing those things.. the pipe was schedule 40 I believe and the blade was a old propane tank.. if any of you guys know of any other ways to make it stronger or Have any other tips would help too, this was our first try, let me know what you think or if you have any questions.. let me know..

    Added a few more pictures, I see there has been a lot of people looking but no replies, what do you guys think.. it is strong, and i think it should last, we used a 135 millermatic, MiG welder, all the pieces were scrounged from our small town, there are a few things that we could have done different, like round pipe going across frame so the 1 inch round stainless fit better, we used square, it was trial and error, but i think it worked good, lost no clearance, the main cross pipe stays on bike at all times, nothing is welded to the frame, has a lot of lift, can add other attachments if a guy wanted to pretty easy.. the schedule 40 mainframe pipe was a little overkill but that's what was handy, it is a tad heavy, but not as bad as it looks.. now we are talking about building one for my friend that did all the welding and helped with design, he has a Polaris six wheeler with tracks so might be kind of interesting, well let me know what you think, and what might work better or if there might be a flaw in our design? as I'm just a redneck Alaskan..thanks.. John

    UPDATE AGAIN.. OK done.. painted and all little quirks fixed.. worked out good, the paint color probably could have been better, but the blade will get wore off after sometime, from what we had to work with i thought we have done pretty darn good, you can see the small shop that we built it out of in the backdrop of some of the new photos.. we did have to add some length to the pin the adjusts your angle, so it would not wobble as bad, put on cutting edge, straightened out the blade, added some lights and gave a little more curve, two of the pictures show one with blade on ground , the next with blade in the air, to show how much the weight drops the front end, not sure how much it weighs but not as bad as it looks.. and I like the weight better anyways, have to give cudo's to Ron, he did all the welding and used all his tools. between the two of use I think we have a pretty good design, well let me know what you think.. John
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    or reply to forum

    link to pictures of homemade snow plow.
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      added some pictures and some comments to first message


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        Just bumping up.. Updated

        Just updating.. added more pictures.. all done


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          Looks good - I like the idea of not loosing any ground clearance. I'm by no means an expert on the subject but if you think you might have problems with the moldboard bending, add some ribs to the back side. Check out the pics of my homemade snowplow:

          let me know if you have any questions.

          BTW - I like the fangs on the front


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            looks good.

            I like the panint job.


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              sweet paint job

              cool paint job, makes me think of my truck's push bumper.
              seems like all the snow plows i see have little feet to keep it just off the ground. i think to keep it from digging in and gouging the road/driveway. have you considered some thing like this ??
              as for the wait, i think thats a good thing if your quad is 4WD as it will get better traction with some wait on the tires.
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                Cool bumper, I like the back lighting, bet it looks cool at night driving down the road.. as far as the feet on our plow.. we decided that the angle iron, that is welded across the bottom of the blade will maybe work, its a thick piece and runs from one side to the other.the cutting edge is about 1/8 inch above the ground on level ground..still waiting for some snow to test it out. we have some feet made up to weld on if it does not work.. thanks

                and to willy, thanks, and man that blade you guy built looks awesome, and could probably be be used on a bulldozer.. looks strong, real good job


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                  That took some thinking in the design, it looks great.
                  Let us know how it works in the snow. If you need some we have about 14" on the ground now with more coming.


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                    i think every one knows my truck comming or going.


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                      Very nice !

                      Hey BadDog,

                      First time on this site. Nice project, especially the paint job! I always hassle my neighbor for his use of pastels on his projects, so sent link to him to let him know he's not the only deranged person out there.

                      Just purchased used MAX II 6x6 [very used - circa 1974] that turns out was shipped to Alaska by factory. It has a homemade plow - aluminum blade w/ steel scraper on bottom - but the support bracket much simpler than yours since the MAX II has framework extending ahead of wheels.

                      Judging by your pix [SlideShow very nice touch !] of your shop area, it appears the DIY'ers in Alaska rival those in Australia / New Zealand : we've gotten a lot of posts from down-under, where a common name for their shops are "BeerSheds." Wonder how they got that name ?

                      Anyway, best to you, mate. Bruce L


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                        that is awesome.. very nicely made.. home brew stuff is always best


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                          Nice pics! How/What did you use to shape the plow?


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                            sorry for so late on reply

                            JIML .. We Used my friends 1968 2 1/2 ton shop truck with 12 ton boom, we put the propane tank on the ground, each edge on a piece of angle Iron, and pressed down with one of the hydraulic outriggers, to flatten the tank. just working with what we had on hand. if we had access to a big shop, we would have probably heat it up and use a big press.. but thats the only press we been plowing the heck out of that thing and everything is working awesome. if you look at the photos, go back a few folders, and look in the 2008 winter pictures, and you can see some of the stuff we have been plowing.. just plowed day before yesterday for about 6 or seven hours and 4-5 hours the day before, so the thing is built like a tank..
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