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welding cart

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  • welding cart

    not dun a cool mate 3 will go where thr 375 is when dun
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    Nice job and nice layout. Looks well organized and I bet it will be nice to use it and to be able to get it around easy. I'm waiting on my 200 Dx and Coolmate 3 as well. I'm in the process of building the cart. The fab work is done. Paint is next.

    Great job and nice design.


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      Nice Cart

      Nice Cart man. Is there going to be a top shelf? Here some thing I wipped up one night feel free to build one on yours.

      Well the website says the file is to big???? Does any one know what to do?


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        Here they are the Pictures I tried to load earlier. I also added a piece of square tueb on the top to shove the nosal of me 251 in when I have to stand and weld to hold the gun. I've added some more stuff to it I'll get some more pics if you want. it now hold squares and rulers
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          nice setup with the TIG on top and plasma under it. i been thinking of doing that with mine. i was going to do a cooler but starting to wonder if i want to spend the time and $$ on it.????
          good looking cart and toys on it.


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            Iím starting my first welding project, Itís going to be a welding cart. Iíve notice some build there welding carts so the unit sits level on it and some have a slight tilt that rises up the front a bit. I have a Millermatic 180, would it be ok to rise the front of it 3Ē above level?

            Fab Tech


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              very nice

              Someday I may try this, if I get a plasma cutter to go with my MM180. I'm still trying to get a handle on structural engineering of welding projects. You'll see what I mean when I post my overbuilt oxy-acetylene cart next week (still in progress). But, isn't that a lot of weight to have cantilevered off the uprights? Is that 2 x 2 x 1/8, or what?


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                I have a Millermatic 180, would it be ok to rise the front of it 3Ē above level?

                yes it will be fine. most set them at an angle to get the face pointed at them wile standing or sitting. makes it essayer to read and work the controls. if the vent was not blocked you could stand it at a 90%.
                set it up for what works best for you. tilted seems to give the best access to both sitting and standing without putting the welder too high off the ground. the Miller factory cart is tilted.


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                  factory cart.(see pic)
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                    WHAT ! a factory cart! you sicken me go to your room and build something


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                      i was definitely not recommending you get one,i think every one should build there own as the first project. some don't have the time for this and may need to, aether way i was just showing the angle is built into the factory one. to show its definitely ok.

                      you will not find a factory cart at my shop.
                      my TIG cart is made of aluminum with the TIG, and my MIG cart was made of steel with the MIG. i also have a multi use mobile cart to cary MIG,TIG,plasma, and O/A for cross county travel.
                      all made in the shop.most of the time my plasma cutter is on the shelf above the welding table so it dose not have its own cart. see pic's.
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                        Wow Funfornow those are some really cool carts nice craftsmanship.

                        Were did you get the covers? I have the OCC chopper one for my 251 but in needs to be tweeked buy some on to fit with my torch holder. maybe the guy who built your covers could do it for me??


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                          Were did you get the covers? I have the OCC chopper one for my 251 but in needs to be tweeked buy some on to fit with my torch holder. maybe the guy who built your covers could do it for me??
                          i designed them and the wife sewed them. we were selling them for a wile. our MM210/251 was a big seller more so then the TA-185 that we were the only maker for ?? go figure ??

                          the new 212-252 look like the 350-p but i never tryed to fit a 350-p cover to one ? the 210/251 cover was realy nice though.

                          i have never seen an OCC version cover ?? how about a pic ?? and what needed tweeking ??
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                            I'll get a picture of mine. Its a standard miller cover for the 251 but it comes with the helment bag and it has the miller OCC chopper and welder silk sreened on the side of it. I don't use it though because it doesn't have a flap on it. you have cover the whole machine and mine as a custom made holder pictured below. Man I wish my wife could sew I customize my cover add a front flap and a hole in the side for the torch holder.
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                              i think miller designed there cover so they could not possibly run the welder with the cover on as a safety thing to keep people from burning up the welders with coverd vents ( just a guess). you should see the Dyn200 cover. you had to take the weld leads/torch and foot control out of the power source to get the cover on ?? who wants to do that ?? needless to say it was also a good seller for us. like my TA-185 cover we made it so there was openings to let that stuff stay connected when you coverd it.
                              i quit using my MM135 Miller cover due to the fit. and its best for the welders to be kept coverd. looking at the amount of garbage i blew out of the inside of my MM yearly before and after i started covering it regularly, its not hard to see how important a cover can be. a well thought out cover will get used. if its a pain to put on or a bad fit, its going to end up in the corner. thats not going to help you or your welder.
                              really cool add on to the cart. i been thinking of making some additions to my MM's cart. just have to decide on what and then get to it.
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