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New Dynasty 200 DX. What pulg?

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  • New Dynasty 200 DX. What pulg?

    Hi everyone. I just purchase a new Dynasty 200 DX with the coolmate 3 cooler. I'm in the process of building a new cart for the thing but I wanted to know what most are using for a power plug. I would like to have it where it could plug into a 110 volt outlet and a 220 volt outlet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Some people use the Miller DVI setup.

    I think it's the same as the setup on my Hypertherm Plasma cutter: A Twistlock generator plug that can be plugged into either a Welder's plug pigtail or a standard 120v plug pigtail, both of which were included with the plasma cutter.

    I use my Hypertherm plugs on my Dynasty, and have a few other pigtails to let me plug into anything.

    I just picked up two of the big 3 phase twist lock plugs and I'm going to use that for the main plug, allowing me to use 3 phase easily, and have my other pigtails plug into that at home.



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      You can wire a 4 prong recepticle (twist lock) to the back of your dynasty, then make pig-tails. It's a simple process, just remember when making a single phase pig-tail, remember to isolate the red wire (red isn't used in single phase).


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        like said most use a pig tail system. depending on what power you will be using most you could start with that plug and make pigtail options from there. the plug choice is really more about what you will be using it for, or what you have where it will be used most. if its a home use welder a single plug could cover your needs. if its for mobile work use, more option would be needed to really take advantage of its multi voltage options.
        the DVI plugs are a nice option but a bit more $$ than a trip to home depot, but look very nice.


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          I had time to reconfigure mine:

          4 Prong 3 phase plug off machine to 3 Phase Receptical down to 3 Prong Generator (Twistlock) Plug, and then I can use either the 120 or 240 Plugs that came off my Hypertherm.

          With this I can plug into 4 different style outlets.


          If your doing hime use only you could have your 220 plug on the machine, and a single 240-120 pigtail, and be set.



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            Thanks guys. Some great ideas you have. There all great but I think I'm going to look into the DVI set up. Looks neat and fast to change over. The pig tail idea is nice as well. If the DVI system is too expensive I may end up going that route. Thanks again!


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              DVI setup was around $50.oo when i looked into it 2 years ago. no idea what it is now, a guick call to your LWS should get ya the new $ .
              let us know what its at now.


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                Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                DVI setup was around $50.oo when i looked into it 2 years ago. no idea what it is now, a guick call to your LWS should get ya the new $ .
                let us know what its at now.

                Thanks James. I ordered the DVI setup from my Miller dealer and they said it would run about $90. for the lead and two plugs (110 & 220 volt) so I liked the way it looked so I went with it. I received the 200DX yesterday and the Coolmate 3 last week. Waiting on the torch, torch kit and DVI power cord and plugs. I just about got the cart completed. It's actually took about three weeks to build it but I promise it will make some chuckle when I post it on here.

                One question about the DVI cable. How did most wire it to the 200 DX? Did you remove the case and wire it direct or just splice into the DX's existing power cord? Thanks for the advise. Paul


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                  keeping in mind the Dyn is 3 phase compatible i would splice in not using the red wire so as to not have to figure it out on the inside later should you chose to sell it. if no chance of selling i suppose inside hookup would look nicer.
                  $90 wow , that went up.


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                    looking forward to seeing the new cart. carts are always cool to see what diferent people chose as there design.


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