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  • Fire Pit Project

    I'm in need of a new fire pit as my old one rusted out. I thought this might be a good project as I am a hobby welder. Here's a sketch I drew in Google Sketch Up. This is my first time using Sketch Up, so any advice is welcome.

    Name:  e4b59841991142c45726d92d5944d8e5.jpg
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    Here are the basics I am shooting for:
    Pit should be 30" diameter, 12 inches deep.
    Shelf around pit is 12" wide. The shelf would be a tile mosaic using some material left from another project.
    The top would be Mesh and the bowl would be sheet.

    What thickness should the sheet for the bowl be?
    What kind of legs would work best? Ideally I would love to have this on some sort of Wheels to move it around the driveway/patio.
    What am I missing (I know the top needs a handle - Don't know how to draw one)

    Tools I have:
    HTP 200 Mig
    Angle Grinders
    Chop saw
    Press Brake (may be done soon if I get the material at the same time)

    What am I missing or what ideas do others have? Any and all advice is welcome.
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    Your attachment doesn't work.
    MillerMatic 252
    Spoolmate 200
    Diversion 165
    Spectrum 625 X-Treme
    Dayton 6" Miter Band Saw
    Delta Drill Press
    Bosch 10" Table Saw
    Bosch 12" Double Bevel Miter Saw
    Jet 5 Ton Chain Hoist
    Radnor O/A

    and this heavy duty table I made



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      Sorry about that. Try This one.

      Name:  e4b59841991142c45726d92d5944d8e5.jpg
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        Your attachment on your first post worked fine.
        I like your design.
        What is the diameter?


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          At the moment the top of the firebox is a 30" diameter and the bottom is 18". It will be 18" deep as well. I plan on putting a grate on the bottom to allow for air flow and ash catching. Right now I'm planning on using 11ga. for the firebox and expanded metal for the top. Will post pics once I get started, but would love to get more feedback.



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            Have you looked at other fire pits online to check for details that you may have overlooked?