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Hello there, Noob with a question - Is this a good deal?

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  • Hello there, Noob with a question - Is this a good deal?

    Hi all. New to the site and also new to welding. I took some classes over at the community college and am ready to get a welder. I'm a hobbist and really like the TIG process for working on my cars (I think it's easier and looks better than MIG by a longshot). I'm on a tight budget but I'd really like to get a Miller welder as they seem to be light years ahead of everyone else with support and products. The shop there had a variety of welders but what I really liked using was the Syncrowave 250's they had.

    I have a question for you all, hope someone can help. I found a local guy selling an old Syncrowave 250 for $1000. The unit looks "well used" as in it is sort of beat up a bit but he offered a money back if doesn't work. The serial # on it is KE638479.

    I looked it over and it seem OK, if dirty but it's missing the Tig torch and foot remote. It looks like I can buy this stuff new, which is nice. Seems like Miller support older machines so I can replace whatever it needs.

    Looking at used units this seems like a good deal but I'd like some opinions from someone else. If it works OK would this be a good deal? What should I look for to determine if it's messed up (the top of the welder is rusty, which makes me think it was left outside at times).

    I realize that's tough to ask without looking at it but any help is appreciated.

    Also, there is a weird hand held Mig gun with it where the wire spool goes in the gun made by Profax model AEC-200. What's this? Is it parts for some other machine or some aftermarket thing to use with the Miller.
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    welcome aboard. hard to say about that machine,being rust and dents are visible, i personally would pass at that price.sorry i know nothing about the gun.


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      Although a shop environment is not the gentlest place for equipment, most welders who value their tools try to take as good of care as possible of them. Without knowing whether it is mechanically (electrically?) sound it would be hard to make a judgement, but the rust and dents don't give the impression that this machine was cared for. Welders do not work as well once they have been abused. As well, you could buy a brand new Syncrowave 200 for under $2400, and this includes almost everything you need to get going as well as the piece of mind of a new product and warranty. Sometimes spending a little extra will save you in the long run.

      Just my $.02.


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        That is sort of my impression too. This welder was in a manufacturing plant originally. I work in an electric motor factory in Mexico and have seen how badly the people treat the equipment.

        My orginal plan was to get a Syncrowave 200 new, which I can get for just under 2K.

        This is a great site by the way, I was surfing around today and found all kinds of useful information.

        Can't wait to get the welder and start.


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          Good luck! Just remember, as long as it is Blue it will serve you well.


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            in that bad a shap with not controle or torch you could problyy do better. if you can swing a new 200 and its got the power you need i would go that way myself.
            good luck and happy welding.


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              FWIW its a 1994 unit, that sounds well beaten up for its age.


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                you can def find a better deal. look around for a while. i sold my first syncrowave 200 with zero hours on it for $1400 cuz i need cash and decided at the time not to get into welding. we i decided i wanted another tig that i will hopefully use this time, i found the prices for the same unit wen up a bit. you can get a new syncrowave shiped to your house from ebay for $1900. i brought mine form a local welding supply, and after alot of hassling , still ended up paying $2100 after i got my first one for $1900. if i had just waited and ordered mine from ebay i could of gotten an elite mask for the money i paid. but thats ok, if i have problems i expect my local welding supply to wait on my hand and foot (its a long shot)


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                  If you can swing it by new you'll have it for a long time and should pay for its self besides then you'll know how its treated I have a 200 and its a great machine you'll love it
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                    Used welder

                    Hey............Never mind what it looks like...........Electronices don't wear out much ........... only if the unit was exposed in an acid/caustic enviroment ........ then forget it..........but that's along advice BUY IT ......... I bought the two Power source WELDERS that were rented then returned to weld up the Ginna Nuclear Plant on Lake Ontario ........... i knew what they could do/were ........OTC's machines...........paid 4500.00 each ( used ) 12,000.00 machines new........HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... 220 volts -560 volts..........I use them to weld 3 " steel arms to repair front end loads that were bent ............. cut to v. weld grind, putty , paint, new decals......... JUST MY ADVICE BUY THE UNITS


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                      You nay want to check out this guy. He is very easy to deal with and very eager to make the customers happy. I recently bought a MillerMatic 252 from him and got free shipping and a #30 spool of wire, all for under $2000, shipped to the door. Here is the link.

                      Well goodluck.


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                        I am not sure if the address badassb5 is the same or not. Anyway there is a guy on ebay with a miller store online. He gives every warrantee as if you buy at a reg store in your town at cheaper rates, check him out. I printed his listing for a plasma cutter, brought it to my local miller dealer who I have delt with for years and gave him the chance to earn some business. He came within 25 dollars and got the business and it saved me almost 500 dollars and I made him a sale. More than one way to skin a cat...


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