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Plasma cutting pointer

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  • Plasma cutting pointer

    Hello all, I wanted to get a couple of pointers for making cuts with my plasma (spectrum 625). I was making cuts in some 12 ga. mild steel (using a guide) and I kept getting this "sticking" feel, but I'm dragging as smooth as I possibly can. The cut turns out like crap (for plasma) and it requires too much grinding to clean up! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    I use a stand off for most cuts. The cuts are cleaner and the tips last much longer.


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      Plasma tips

      Remember: If the sparks are shooting straight down, you're moving the torch too slowly. If the sparks bounce back, you're moving too fast. You will be hard pressed to cut 12ga too fast. The sparks should come out of the bottom at approximately a 15 degree angle. Good luck.


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        what is available for stand off other than the roller guide?

        i just bought a drag tip setup but it doesn't provide any stand off like i thought it did, what's the point ?


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          My Thermal Dynamics came with one, I assumed they all did.


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            well you could use a roller guide but they make some thing akward. or just hold it by hand a bit above the metal thats what y buddy does of course sometimes we have to do some grinding to touch up stuff but hey it works.


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              Door Chart ?

              On my mig welders there's a door chart that tells you how many amps to use for the thickness you're welding.
              Is there a chart somewhere that tells you how many amps to use to cut the thickness of metal you're cutting with plasma ?


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                Use a guide for cutting straight, piece of 1/8"x1" hot rolled is fine. Clamp it in place then run a piece of soapstone back and forth across it. The soapstone lubricates the drag tip and lets it glide across the cut. Also, a light touch is required.
                Laiky, what kind of machine do you have?


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                  Spectrum 375


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                    a light tuch and proper speed dose the most to keep it on track and cutting nice. i use a wire brush on my tip inbetween cuts to keep it clean, that might help with it sticking. lots of slag means too slow of a cut speed usualy. takes a little getting used to to learn the best speed for the matereal. after that its all good.


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                      That's why I love this message board!

                      Thanks for all the replies on the plasma cutting. This is my first good experience with my own plasma. I always use a guide, but was dragging (cutting) too slow. I sped up the pace and it makes a big difference. Always something to learn!


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                        Laiky, with the drag tip you shouldn't need stand off. You put a drag tip on there so you can drag it directly on the metal without shorting the tip. Do you have the 196 929 drag tip?


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                          i thought the standerd tip for the spec.375 was designed to be used as a drag tip. i didnt know they made a seperate tip for it for the 375.


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