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Problems while building gas tank

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  • Problems while building gas tank

    So, the current project for my Chevy truck is to build a fuel tank for it.

    I have the plans drawn up, I have the material (1/8" 5052) and I have everything else needed to go about building this thing.

    The problem is, that I would like to bend the sides, instead of cutting and welding. I do not have a brake. I do have an Oxy/Acetylene setup, and I have thought about annealing it, so that I can make the bends. I tried this today, and did not have much luck.

    The thickest material I have annealed prior, is .060 3003 H14.

    Can anyone give me some pointers on what to look for? If I cant get it right, I'll end up just cutting and welding, but I'd like to form it if at all possible.

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    If you have it all cut & layed out then find a local guy with a brake to bend it. Press brake or finger brake anything will do that is rated for 14 gauge steel or thicker. 5052 does not have to be annealed to bend it.


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      I'd rather not have to pay someone to do it for me though. I used to work at an ornamental iron shop, that COULD do it, but, I couldn't expect him to do it free.

      I have a welding table, some clamps and some angle iron. The piece is 26.5" wide. I know it wont bend with my weight behind it.


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        Are you sure it is 5052? It should at least start to bend if clamped to the table & you put your weight on it depending on the length of the leg.

        If you really want to bend it clamp it to your table with strong clamps & a large angle or flat bar. Clamp an angle or flatbar to the part that is hanging off the table as close to the bend line as possible while still leaving enough room so it won't hit something when bent. Put a large pipe wrench on each side, like brake handles, & bend. Preferably pushing down so you can use your weight to help.

        Most shops I know of would do this for next to nothing if you dropped it off & they just did it when bending something simmilar as long as it was laid out & cut to size.


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          Originally posted by MMW View Post

          Most shops I know of would do this for next to nothing if you dropped it off & they just did it when bending something simmilar as long as it was laid out & cut to size.
          You're lucky if that's true. Here it'd be $60.00 an hour with a 1 hour minimum.


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            Thanks for the input guys...I decided to go the cut and weld route.

            It is 5052, because that is all that my local supplier ever carries...unless they screwed up, which is possible. I did bend one spot, to about 40 degrees, but everything else is getting cut and welded. The inside of the tank is getting backed up by 6061 T6 angle, 3/4" leg, 1/8" thick, around the perimeter. Strength should not be an issue. The tank should hold near 45 gallons when it is done.

            I will try to get some pictures of it today...I have it held together with cleco's right now.


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              This is a little late but works for me. I make a couple of passes with a carbide blade in a skill saw about half way through ,on the inside of the bend. I bend 1/4 '' with heat. The amount of heat is a little tricky but with some practice its not a big deal.


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