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Dynasty 200 DX

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  • Dynasty 200 DX

    Could somebody please tell me what is the max thicknes for aluminium, stainless steel and steel that you can weld it with Dynasty 200 DX ?

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    The short answer is:

    It depends.

    ...on joint style, whether you preheat, etc.

    You have 200amps to play with. Maybe an effective 250 if you change the frequency (according to Miller). You can check out one of Miller's weld calculators to get you in the ballpark.

    I've never had a need to max mine out, but I do 1/8 aluminum, 1/4 steel and 16 ga. stainless all the time.



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      Thank you for the answer. Have a great time and a happy new year !! oh i have just three more questions. Do you own Dynasty 200 DX ? if you, is it good because i'm thinking of buying one ? is it making any troubles ?
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        I have a Dynasty 200DX. It is a great welder, I have not had any problems with it. I have welded 3/16" aluminum with it.

        What do you plan to use it for?



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          As said above, it depends. I have welded from .010 up to 3/4" aluminum with mine.


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            Thanks for the answer. i would like to weld some chairs made of stainless steel, modified bikes like adding some sheet metal, i would also like to build a gokart one time, and also welding aluminium.
            i have a mig welder, but for the precise work you need tig welder

            if you are interested, i can show you some pics of steel shack and steel projecting roof which i have made it with mig welder:
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              Here are some more:
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                Thank you for posting your pictures. Your work looks very nice! What are you using for a MIG welder?

                I think that you will be very happy with a Dynasty 200DX. I know that I am very happy with mine.


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                  If you know how to weld.
                  Sorry to be an A hole but the truth is tha machine will put out X amount of amps period, what you do with them is all up to you.

                  With the correct weld joint and some preheat 200 amps and 20% duty cycle will let you weld well at thickness exceeding 1" Aluminum stainless and steel

                  Please rephrase your Question so it can be answered.



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                    Thanks again for the answers!

                    i'm using my mig welder for welding shelfs, tables, shacks, and projecting roofs.i'm using Iskravar 210 L mig welder which is fabricated in my country, Slovenia and i have a Miller's helmet Inferno with which i'm very satisfied

                    Villemur, thanks for the praise. What are you using a Dynasty 200 DX for ?


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                      I own one and I have welded up to 1/4 inch plate to a solid 1-1/2" winch mount on a sailboat mast at 200 amps 250 hz and did the job pre heating with the tig torch.
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                        I use my my Dynasty for small side-job welding projects that people bring me, as well as for projects around the house. I've used it for steel, stainless, and aluminum. I have a couple of air-cooled torches for it: a 200 amp torch, and a nice, small 125 amp #9 torch. I usually use a foot pedal with it, but I just ordered a used finger control that should be here soon. I just tried it recently for stick welding, and it worked real nice. I have an old Hobart AC stick welder that I usually use, but the Dynasty worked even better.

                        SLO Iron Man, please post some pictures of your Iskravar 210 L mig if you get a chance. I am always interested to see what people are using in other parts of the world.



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                          Originally posted by SLO Iron Man View Post
                          Could somebody please tell me what is the max thicknes for aluminium, stainless steel and steel that you can weld it with Dynasty 200 DX ?
                          You could easily do 1/4" or even more with preheat and multiple passes. The 200 DX is a very nice machine and very flexible.

                          By the way, I was visiting your hometown back in 1974. My brother-in-law lives in Klagenfurt, Austria, near the border. We went to your town for lunch. It was before all of the trouble. Marshall Tito was still in power.

                          Your country is very beautiful!



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                            cool pic's smoked glass is so cool .
                            i resized for the dial up guys.
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                              I am always interested to see what people are using in other parts of the world.

                              LOL i had to do it.
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