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Another (lowbuck) home made welding table

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  • Another (lowbuck) home made welding table

    I made this one out of scrap stuff I had, except for the top. I bought a chunk of high strength plate from a buddy for the top. I got the wheel from a local truck tire place as junk for free because it had a crack in it that made it not road-worthy. Made the table round so that it is easy to move around. It can either be moved by tipping it part way and moving it like a gas cylinder or also can be tipped all the way over and just rolled like a barrel on it's side or a log (that is why the top is about the same size as the wheel I it doesn't roll around in a little circle). I left one of the little bottom braces unpainted so I can stick the ground lead on there. The nice thing about this table is that it is easy to move out of the way or to stick where ever I need it. It usually stands out in the side yard, but can be instantly deployed (Now, how's THAT for a word?) into the shop or driveway. If you are one of those people that can't stand rust on the table, just use some kind of corrosion stopper stuff on the top and then wipe it clean with some acetone or other solvent before you use it and then re-coat when you are done with it. There are no plans or anything....if you want to make one like it, just ad lib!

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    Table look good. Might make one similar with your idea of a round top
    Thanks for posting