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f450 truck ideas

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  • f450 truck ideas

    ok i got a ford f550 dually longbed and a f450 diesel at a bank repo auction for cheap but the problem i have is that there stock except for the edge tuners upgraded brakes and new tires i put on but my ideas for these trucks are a small home made roll off tyoe truck frame so that i can pull the tool body with gen/welder tools on it or a flat deck bed for sheet or anything big and make if i works like a dumpster body or the reg truck bed if were goin to the river but so far ive listed it out of what i need to do

    1 relocate the lights into the bumper or somewhere that wont change with the rolloff
    2 build the frame and winch hookups
    3 renforce the truck bodys to handle the process and stress
    4 hook up hydraulics off the pto for lift and dump

    5 would the truck frame need to be reenforced to hank the design

    so am i on the right track any ideas you guys have advice is very helpful on this
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    Now, this is just my opinion...but why bother swapping beds back and forth? That just seems like more of a headache than I would want to deal with. Now you have to find storage for it when its off, be careful not to damage it when you are changing stuff around, etc.

    You have a flatbed diesel 450, I gather from the picture, and the 550 is the longbed, with the truck box. So, use the 550 for the river and towing the toys, and keep the 450 for work. Weight of flatbed, weight of welder, weight of tools, weight of reels/ build something to support it where it wont get stolen out from under you while you are at the river, etc etc. I would just single purpose it...but thats just me.


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      ya i thought about that but i have been meaning to get a another truck for so there can be another service truck available for out of shop installs and other fixes or other small work we get. Th f550 has the flatbed on it but its since buying it a week ago has a fair amount of tools on it with a knack box but if i keep the flatbed the way it is i need to make an extendable work deck or enlarge it so that with the amount of tools and a 220 generator (probably a bobcat 225) ive seen for sale i might pick up im using this truck more as a mechanics type truck cause the im not a pipeline or mobile welder i use welding for the projects we make in the shop that might need welding when installing.

      so another question should i loose the flatbed all together and put a service truck body on the back????


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        If you are going for an install truck, I think a long service body should do what you need, material rack up top, space for a generator, welder, compressor, all tools. You could build a fold up work surface off the back if you were so inclined.

        I've seen some pretty sweet Royal service bodies recently here in So Cal.

        Of course, since you already have the flat bed, if you built the work surface for that, you would be money ahead of buying a service body.


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          the truck came with the flatbed ford factory but i am going to add the material rack once i build one but i have an old pindle hitch flatbed trailer that only needs a new deck so i could leave the flatbed and just have the flatbed with a few knack toolboxes or build something forkliftable and lockable to the trailer for tools

          ive had the trailer sitting around for a few years and i now have a truck that can efficiently tow that rig


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