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  • Just another silly little thing.

    My neighbor will be 85 tomorrow and back in the late 1940's, he was a minor league pro baseball pitcher till he blew out his arm. So I made this for him and will give it to him tomorrow.
    Tiny ball bearing is baseball...Name:  b24986d5453dd1ada6ac19cef2a0106e.jpg
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    Hi strube1369,

    It's such a nice thing to see a forum member making something for a neighbor.

    Plus your work is very realistic and yet it captures the theme so simply.

    Now I need to look around and pass the favor on in my street.

    Maybe this is an excuse for me to weld something but it's all for a good cause.

    Thanks for posting.
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      Very cool!
      So you're telling me...You're not nostalgic? Then, give me another word for it......