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Just got my TIG & have a question...

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  • Just got my TIG & have a question...

    Hey guys. I just got my Syncrowave 200 (pic below ) today and am still setting it up. The cord is only about 5.5' and can't reach the power in the spot I want it. Now my question is, what would you suggest, making the cord longer or making an extension cord. An extension cord would be nice but would run about $50 more due to the extra plugs. I know it's bad to run long cords, but I've gotta do something. Is there a formula for calculating how long of a cord you can use? I'd like at least 9'... Thanks!

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    You really need to do something better with that bottle next to the bench.

    It needs to be secured upright, first and foremost.

    Then you need to make sure nothing on that bench can land on the regulator.

    Both of those are potentially a pretty serious health threat.

    As for the power cord. You can replace it with a longer cord. Check the cord that's on the machine for the appropriate size for the replacement (my guess is that it's 8/3 or 6/3). Since you're not talking about making it 50', you'll be fine with the stock size wire.

    I put a 15' cord on my tig and often find the stock 9' cord on my mig is too short. But then I also have a 50' extension cord made out of 6/3 SOOJ. I hate having to whip that out just to get the welder around the other side of a car or whatever.


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      Fishy Jim is right on.
      i suspect you just have the tank there temperarily, as you have another welder and are probly aware of the safty risks. but adding a bungy cord around it and the table leg would be an easy, fast idea in a temp. situation to secure it.
      congrats on the syncro, nice looking welder.
      going to 10 or 12 ft at the same size should be fine. at 25 to 50 ft i would start looking at another option. if you are still woried check out your manual. it might have an extention cord rating in it.

      welcome to the site.


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        One thing to condsider with an exstension cord is that, although it may be slightly more exspensive, it is far more versatile. An extension cord will work with both your syncro and your mig, as well as anything else you want to plug into it. Furthermore, you never know when you will want to do some work farther from a plug and a longer extension cord will allow you mobilility. Just some food for though.

        Oh, and congratulations on the new piece of Blue, it will serve you well.


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          ive got the same short a$$ cord on my 200 as well. I made a 25 foot extension cord for $75 CND. that include a cord cap, box, cover, recptacle and 25 ft of 3conductor #8awg SOWJ. dont worry about voltage drop unless you intend to go more than a hundred feet. I have a table around here somewher that gives the % of voltage drop for a given lenght at specific amps. I can look it up for you if youre concerned.

          Fishy Jim is right too. Nothing worse that having to drag out an extension for only two feet. then you get to trip over it and kick it to the side and and and.. if you pull the cord out of the machine, be sure to get the proper copper lugs at the machine end crimped on properly with a proper crimping tool. This is a potential fire hazard if its not done right. Usually what happens is that the wire "vibrates" in the loose connction and heat builds up. this ends up burning the insulation and if the wire is touching something that is grounded....BOOM!!! youre out a welder and maybe more..

          Did you get one of those unruly pvc jacketed non flexible cords on your 251?
          I ve got one of thoseon mine and im about ready to chop it off. its driving me nutz!


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            The fewer the connections in the circuit the better. As Rich just pointed out, they are where the problems can more easily occur.

            For something like being a few feet short of a genuine wall outlet, I would extend the cord on the machine. They're intended to be replaceable, so upgrading is painless.

            I agree with having an extension cord as well. They simply come in real handy. I'd make it no smaller than 6ga though. Just my personal opinion.

            So if you want to save some money now, just extend the cord on the machine, then you can make your extension cord later when cash isn't so tight.


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              Wow, thanks for all the great info

              The tank is just there temperately until I complete the running gear for the TIG. Also if you look closely you can see I do have a chain around the neck of the tank

              I'm going to make an extension cord. That sounds like the most practical solution. I'll probably go 25' 8/3 SOOW... Thanks again everyone!
              Last edited by toofazt; 12-18-2007, 12:25 PM.


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                Cord size

                Originally posted by toofazt View Post
                Wow, thanks for all the great info

                The tank is just there temperately until I complete the running gear for the TIG. Also if you look closely you can see I do have a chain around the neck of the tank

                I'm going to make an extension cord. That sounds like the most practical solution. I'll probably go 25' 8/3 SOOW... Thanks again everyone!
                The owner's manual will give the amperage draw at different loads. Size your cord (ext or machine power lead) to the maximum amp draw. "Ugli's " Electrical reference is a good resource and the owner's manual may give cord size requirements. It is a good idea to compare the answers as I have seen one Miller manual that showed too small a cord size for a Sycnrowave 250. That was a few years ago and it caused a re-wiring job.

                Good luck.


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                  each connection in your cord = power lost. if you can afford it, i'd rip that useless cord off and just replace it right @ the machine.

                  cost of plugs/recepticales and the pain in the a$$ of storing the extension cord should be considered


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                    I have my Dialarc hard-wired into the main panel with about a 20' cord. My mig & plasma have the stock cords, which I plug into a 50' 6 AWG extension cord. With the extension, it's so much easier to roll out the welder, then unroll the cord enough to reach the equipment. It was easy to find a socket & plug that match up to the OEM Miller cords. I don't like the idea of hacking off the original cords. With the Dialarc, I have to carefully pull or push the machine, winding or unwinding the cord, so I don't run over it. PITA.


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