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Bobcat attachment Trailer mover

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  • Bobcat attachment Trailer mover

    I've been reading about stuff everyone makes or fixes, and I thought I would share my latest creation. I recently bought a nice used small Bobcat for lifting and other odd jobs. It only had a bucket when I bought it. The "Bob-Tach" quick dis-connect that is on the back of the attachments (that you can weld on to another attachment) cost $220 at Bobcat, so I fabricated 2 of my own. I started with a set of pallet forks. I bought the used carriage and 36" forks for $175, and eyeballed the back of the bucket, and copied it. Then I got bored the other day and decided to make a trailer mover mount. It's nice being able to swap attachments for the right job. Anyway, I have learned a lot on this site, and thanks for all the great ideas!
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    that bobcat looks pretty new but good job on the forks you could make them longer i made a set for my forklift that were 60in long to lift and move 4x8 sheets of steel, AL, or plywood but it makes unloading big sheets way easier


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      Nice Job!

      Looks good and nice little Bobcat you got there, nice and clean. That sure would be handy to have around here. Got to make some forks for a buddy of mines case skidloader. If you get a chance , post some more pics - everyone likes pictures around here
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        More pics

        You asked for more pictures, so here are a few... The rough looking Bobcat is what it looked like when I bought it. After some clean up, pressure washing, paint and new emblems, I think I'm through for a while. I originally fabricated a fork mounted trailer mover, but it was just too far away, not allowing me to pick up and move heavier trailers. That's why I made the new one in the previous pics. I like being able to load my Bluestar 185DX in the back of my truck so easy now too! Thanks for the positive responses..
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          great work on the repaint did you disassemble it and repaint or just leave it together you should out a counterweight rack on the back and make interchangeable weights so when you lift a big load like that blue star it doesn't tip.

          i made a semi changeable rack for the back of the CAT trackloader we use to rebuild and maintain BMX and four-cross tracks around my area we tipped it with a load of red clay dirt lifted up but that has some weight too it

          also is it single sided control or dual joysticks for there wheeloaders ive only run track loaders

          sorry the pic is before we added the rack ill see if i can grab my POS camera and get a shot or two o it next race day
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            I have considered the counterweight idea, but I haven't had a need yet. It picks up the BlueStar with no problem. I try not to drive too crazy while loading it though... The repaint was while it was together. I mainly opened everything up, pressure washed, cleaned out a couple of wasp nests, bird nests, and pine needles, and did a lot of touch up along with new emblems. My little toy is no comparison to your big machine. I park my mini Bobcat in front of my welding table in my garage/shop at night. It's all I really need as a lifting helper/small job machine. It looks like you need your monster for what you do with it. Nice loader...
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              the 277 is part mine i dont have near enough to buy one its shared a the track if you dont need the counterweights they get in the way we use them cause we need it so its handy if you do alot but when your not it gets in the way

              but you can park it in your garage mine will scrape the garage door or you can fit it in your truck bed i had to build a trailer for ours


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                CNC, instead of longer forks on that little machine, why not just make some slide-on fork extenders for the occasions when he's loading plywood? Works for me and my old Model 630.


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                  thats what i mean its what i had but then when we used them more we just made a real set


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                    I have a 16 ft. tandem with ramps when I move my 453. It would probably fit in the back of my chevy 2500hd, but that would be tricky for me, going that high, having 2500+ lbs. back there. I was lucky on the garage fit. I have a good 9 or 10 inches vertically to spare.


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