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Gate post detail....I found it....

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  • Gate post detail....I found it....

    A while back a thread came a long about a long single swing gate and the post to hold it. It drew a lot of attention and I had a few one on ones with the author who was looking to make sure he was beefing up the post. Well I can't remember who you are (my apology!) so I will just post the detail here in hopes you get it and perhaps help others who may be taking on a job like this. You guys have to remember, I live in earthquake country and as a result of the "91 Northridge quake" all building codes were up graded. However, this design is my own and met the "minimum" requirements of a non living space structural support.

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    that looks good

    A nice support structure for a beefy gate. BUT, I don't see what business it is of Calif. state govt. that you have a gate support that can withstand an earthquake. It's not a living structure that can collapse under someone's feet, or onto their head. Just one of many annoyances that are driving people to other states; in my case, to Georgia.


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      Wow, that is quite an excavation. Out here, if I had to dig fourteen feet in one direction and ten feet in another three feet deep I would have to charge more for the excavation than for the gate! I think I would prefer to just go a little deeper and use a heavier post. I have hung a couple of twenty footers (calculated weight was in the upper 600 pound area) and used a 4" .250 wall tube post and was fine with about a 3 1/2' post hole. Granted I live in a rocky/caleche area and the ground is stinkin' hard.


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        that footing is crazy. id hate to have to dig that out. it is bad enough what we have to do at the business i work for, automated gates is all we do and our inspections call us to do either 3x3x3 or sometimes 4x4x3 foot footing with our 6x6 .250 posts either in the center or how we usually do 6" from one side. some of the gates have been upwards 600-800lbs per gate leaf. i hate living in a bigger city where there are more than one company who do the same thing, i drive by some of their work sites and see their "minimum" and i would be afraid to stand next to it during a windstorm. ohwell theres always someone who will do it cheaper.


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          It is stought!

          Don't remember exactly how it all came about but 25 some odd years ago we did a farm gate and today we average about 65 a year in various sizes and shapes which makes up about 70% of our business. The design you see here was one that I did myself to clear a "pre-engineering" request by the builder which was accepted and stamped by the staff engineer for the builder and later accepted and incorporated into the overall building plans and calculations for the commercial project. However, I have used that design for years on large single swing gates for many years and got the idea from a submerged piling support for an off balance crane. I learned the value of a sturdy foundation for building gates long, long ago with children using them as rides and even a rescue team using the post for an anchor to repeal down the side of a cliff on the opposite side. But better yet, having this foundation lets me sleep better at night and allows us to man handle as oppose to kiddy handle our installations of the gate. I have seen many post and foundation failures, NOT MINE!



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            I am looking at subbing out for a security company in our area and am liking that design. It looks very professional and well thot out. I dig overkill
            It is really hard to read what you have posted tho can't hardly make out the text.


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