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aluminum hot tub steps

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  • aluminum hot tub steps

    I broke my moms cheap plastic hot tub steps, so i decided to make her some more robust ones to replace them. They are made from 1.250" aluminum square tubing .125" wall. There are a couple of supports under the composite wood treads on each step to give the composite wood some rigidity and to allow the composite wood to be attached with stainless screws from the underside so there are no visible screw heads. Sorry about the pic its from my phone, i'll take some more with my camera.

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    Really nice work. Please don't tell me you got those nice shiny beads with no brushing. I'm gonna be really jealous. I'm still struggling with aluminum. Also, after making a few (sort of) retangular pieces, I also marvel that you appear to have four unadjustable foot pads all sitting squarely on the floor. Most here might take that stuff for granted, but not me...yet.


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      Hey jrscgsr,
      You did a superb job with those steps, & as member lens42 indicated, the level stance of them indicates you applied precise measurements & solid support to weld them. I like your corner mitering as I do most square tube applications the same way...... sure makes for great aesthetics. You did good.......



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        Hi Jr,
        Very nice work.
        Now you will have to make her a towel rack.



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          Thanks for the replies. The welds and tubing haven't been brushed or cleaned up yet, but I will to get rid of the etching (cleaning action of ac) so it looks uniform. There are 4 feet on the steps but they are just 1/8" aluminum not adjustable, which sounds like a good idea now. It took about 12 hours to make and of that I would say 2 1/2 of it was clamping and ratchet strapping the stairs down to do the final few welds that joined the 2 stair treads together and the bottom braces that join the front and back legs together. After welding and unclamping the stairs they are dead flat with no wobble (thank god). I cut the aluminum with a 10" rigid miter saw.


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            Hot tub

            Great looking steps You could sell them at a place where hot tubs are sold. Really nice job!!!!!! Vernon


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              What do you think someone would be willing to pay for a set of steps like these?


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                How much to pay

                Wow good ? on how much would someone pay. I can see the value in it myself where a person with a hot tub would not. How many hours in it. I would say you have about 7 to 8 hours start to finsh. And could do better building say 5 or more at once. Than there the material price so what is the bottom line. Just wondering.

                Very nice Vernon


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                  Those do look really nice. Great job. Got any plans LOL...Bob


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                    Haha yeah I could probably sketch up some drawings on a napkin or something lol. I could see someone wanting to buy a set of these steps but only willing to pay made in china prices, I do own a pulsed aluminum mig machine which would speed things up, I just wanted to make these as nice as I could because they are for my mom.


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                      You never said how much. And you are correct everyone wants China price. I'm building a sander, And no one would give me the money I have in it. Its on this page take a look at it and you tell me what you think someone would pay. Would like to here what you think. "progress on belt sander" Yours steps or my sander could never be found coming out of China LOL. Made in the USA


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