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video of my last bicycle job

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  • video of my last bicycle job

    been out of commission for a while with my welding projects due to my operations,, but i have something thats even more interesting,

    i fixed another bicycle as trade for a second operation on my butt last week,,, anyway i used this really wild 3 stage paint on it and wanted to take a video to show how it glittered in the sunlight,, as a picture cant really do that.

    now i was by myself when i shot this video and only heard the ghost voice later while playing it back.

    some people hear it, others dont, none the less its a cool paint job even without the ghost voice, its at 24-25 seconds in, and whispers "nice bike",,, turn up the speakers a bit.

    but i just wanted to know what others think.. of the paint job and the voice LOL

  • #2
    its a girls bike,, i painted it all gold, after that i laid the transparent blue on top,, that made teal, 5coats clear


    • #3
      nice paint... nice bike.... cool video...couldnt hear the ghost.....boooooo


      • #4
        turn up your speakers more,, soon as it goes to 25secs you hear a whisper "nice bike"


        • #5
          Sounds like heavy breathing to me.


          • #6
            Originally posted by stugots View Post
            turn up your speakers more,, soon as it goes to 25secs you hear a whisper "nice bike"
            had it turned up loud as it would go.... oh well


            • #7
              oh come on,,, I've had a bunch of people tell me they can hear it now,, its a ghost whispering "nice bike" soon as it clicks over to 25 secs. you all must have grinding dust in your ears!

              also,, while i was building my shop last winter, i heard someone call my name,,, i yelled back,,, but nothing replied, nobody was there,,, that happened about 5feet away from where the bicycle was..

              i think my backyard is haunted! im going to try and contact what ever this is tonight like those kids do on tv,, LOL


              • #8
                Are you sure? Kinda sounded like a Zeppelin record played backwards. Yeeow!

                Like the paint job and if you can trade that up for a medical procedure,then I'm gonna speak to my dentist/neighbour. That last trailer hitch on his RV should be good for a check-up or two.


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