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Two more metal wood tables.

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  • Two more metal wood tables.

    Posted a Walnut and metal table a while back. Made these two since then, the tile one has an image of four tiles some friends purchased in Italy, has a thick Maple band around framing the tiles in.
    Second is just Maple, that frame has to be sanded and clear coated.

    I purchased a Dremmel tool twenty years ago, it was just a toy in my opinion, burnt it up cleaning floor grout. Wanted an electric die grinder but someone here said it was way too big. So I got the vary speed Dremmel, was going to try it out on small weld's and expected to be boxing it back up for a retun but it is quite a good tool. Having the vary speed has stopped the bit's butning up and it has been kept as a result of the better quality. Anyhow just thought I would share that info.Name:  e07c3b4bd86160f26e854399efb44185.jpg
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    Very nice.

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