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Plate Clamps and Grape Fruit Punch

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  • Plate Clamps and Grape Fruit Punch

    Invention is the Mother of Necessity, or something like that. And if you give me a picture of a tool, I might just be able to duplicate it. We needed some plate clamps for handling steel plate horizontally. Something simple and inexpensive. I've got access to the tools, can I build what I need? Can I find something that will do the job? I found some simple clamps online marketed as "Bird Clamps".

    Name:  30e03d3ceffcd641a1cb96f7db852eb0.jpg
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    I dusted off my AutoDesk Inventor and laid out the clamp I found online

    Name:  e3a3c70dcba16f953a39956400522ab2.jpg
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    Using our Hypertherm Powermax 1000 and my Miller Circle Cutter Guide and a straight edge or two, I laid out, cut, and trimed out the pieces.

    Name:  9f527a4195ad028f57313a7a4137a003.jpg
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    Name:  85e4f2ea7b31b83fcac71443cc6df0b5.jpg
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    Name:  d57bc9edf54a2f7c350775a9c6c1c158.jpg
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    Well, that's the first Five, I'll add the others in additional post.

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    Next Five Pictures

    This is the next batch of Pictures of my home built Bird Clamps

    Name:  1eed4489d75a800f9aa119022d0c6b6c.jpg
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    Name:  b214fbb9b9772c5a5a08e518fb6f0b1a.jpg
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    Name:  2b963618e822030da10982b49e2394f2.jpg
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    Name:  fdaebddaa96e1f3c8015ec567ea59378.jpg
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    To Be Continued...
    Last edited by flukecej; 07-01-2010, 10:25 PM. Reason: Re-arrange Photo Order


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      Next Five, Not necessarily in order.

      Wow, If you don't arrange the attachments yourself, the software has its own idea of order.

      Name:  75d0ec4cf8b881c110c184de32da9870.jpg
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      Name:  bd2ab487358f5cb1ae7110b4933e143d.jpg
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      Name:  06f68fd1b076f0ad078c0b89bbf431e7.jpg
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      To be continued, after some editting.


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        And the Next Five...

        Is this what selecting "Your Five" is like?

        Name:  32034ce39cbf3944c7d2187764c95d4e.jpg
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        Name:  73baa841a0901f065cfc24340ad0f82d.jpg
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        Name:  d6aa4d59c6debb7fe01f1b4d8da53cd8.jpg
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        Name:  2d4556c411707449ab7513cd7f6a9b21.jpg
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        Name:  a4f3a3bef083fcab4a62a1ed402ac04a.jpg
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        To be continued, after arranging...


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          This is tooooooooooooo much fun!

          I guess I should learn how to do this from online and not from my computer...

          Name:  433f335bd1d0d9badf46a2afa466c9db.jpg
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          Name:  4d2a12ebcf0ed6961fba74826a5d79ae.jpg
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          Name:  971b03843558a94cd8115703ba57fd6c.jpg
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          The Clamps needed some teeth to grip with, so and old horse file was used to add some grip to the clamp.

          Name:  e49bceba29779e0f4fdff3fbbdd124fc.jpg
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          Name:  1bd74c8ebaadbaa50990137ebb87b419.jpg
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          We're almost done, I think one more post will complete the pictures.
          To be continued...


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            Wow, what a way to make your posting number rise

            OK, we have arrived, the final pictures...

            I didn't mention this, I had previously cut out enough parts to make 2 sets, not completely, I had a few more to cut out after the modifications made to the first set.
            Name:  7cced634870365c85e19c57221b151f3.jpg
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Size:  42.0 KB

            And here is the first set after the paint finally dried...

            Name:  fb224d72ab7e28a86a7b883db45503eb.jpg
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Size:  39.4 KB
            Name:  82652ecefec73d113710580ddd0e8a9d.jpg
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            Many of you are probably wondering what "Grape Fruit Punch" is. Well, its been more humid than normal here on the South Plains of Texas and it just makes you sweat alot more. Well I have been mixing KoolAide and Gatorade and it comes out pretty interesting. The mix of late has been KoolAide Grape and Gatorade Fruit Punch, thus the name. Next Mix, Tropical Fruit and Fruit Punch, that makes Tropical Fruit Fruit Punch.

            Stay Tuned for more project updates. After the rain, thank you Alex, time to pull weeds and haul off some scrap metal. Upcoming projects: Trailer rebuilds and mods and rig rebuild to come, along with the mother of all truck service beds.


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              Those little clamps came out great! I was wondering how you were going to cut the teeth then I see the file (good idea).Anyway good job. Mike


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                Extremely impressive work!


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                  As Ronald Reagan always said, "Well..."

                  My dad suggested the course file to give the clamps some grip. He had some old files that were used for horse shoeing in the past. He told me to cut what I needed to make the grip. The fun part was heating the file to bend prior to welding. Then I heated the clamp plate again, after welding,till it was glowing orange and then dropped it in oil to re-harden.


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