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210 or 251

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  • 210 or 251

    I'm about to buy my first wire welder. We are farmers and have 3 dump trucks and a semi. My question, is the 210 big enough or is it worth the extra $500 for the 251? Would the micro adjust on the 251 be that big of deal for me? Oh and thanks for the TAPE!!

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    The MM210 is a great machine but it is rated for 3/8 thickness in a single pass. It would probably do 90% or better of what you would run into. However, with that list of heavy equipment the added capacity and duty cycle of the 251 would come in handy say for frame repairs and dump bed reworks. Sounds like you could easily justify the difference in cost (IMHO).



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      I'll second the motion. I have a MM210 and love it, but if I had trucks or farm equipment I would get the 251 without a doubt. You will need the extra horsepower often enough to easily justify the additional cost. The 210 would be a little short on oats for that kind of work, and the 251 should be perfect. It is enough machine, but by no means overkill.



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        I also own a couple of dumps. I have yet to find anything on them my MM210 won't handle. While the 210 is rated for 3/8 in a "single pass", it can go much larger with multi-pass.

        Some have said they like the tapped 210's better than the 251's. I would be betting it is for the ease of dialing it in. I haven't used a 251, so I don't know anymore than what I have heard.

        If you can swing it, get the most machine you can afford and don't look back. While my trucks and equipment don't really need the 251, I have had several other recurring things that did. Now I may need to upgrade one day. If you get the 251 to start with, you wouldn't have to.


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          I have both and it you have the $ go for the 251. Just like Don said if you spend the money now you wont have to upgrade later.


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            The 210 can play with the big boys if you don't push real hard and you have 500 for supplies and a new BWE. If money is not the object the 251 is the way to go. My 210 has done everything I have asked. My friend has a 251 and I used t have him do the bigger jobs, but not any more, anyway so far.


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              go for it

              im a distributor, i would go with the 251 and the infinate control, you will be pleased with it, and can do your thin stuff, all the way up to the big stuff, changing wire size of course., but yeah the amps you will love, and shouldnt have to buy another for many, many yrs. , YOU cant power a 251 off a bobcat or generator welder, it messes with the brains on the 251, it will for a bit, the reak havok on the brain of the thing, if this is a concern, get the 200 , or call miller for the details, ask for tech support, i have went through this recently, and almost ordered the guy the wrong thing, trust me


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                to buy or not to buy

                matic 251 is all you'll ever need


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