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Formed C Channel-Need help with Dimensions

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  • Formed C Channel-Need help with Dimensions

    I am trying to find dimensional data and crossection information for 10 Gauge Formed C Channel. If you look at Truck Service Bodies or Flatbeds for trucks and even some trailers, they will tell you its (the trailer, service body, bed) is constructed with 10 guage formed c channel. I have done Google Searches till I'm blue in the face and cannot find any dimensional data of any kind let alone anybody that even sells this product for people to construct things with. Hopefully someone here, on this forum can direct me to the right place to get the information I am needing. I have found all the info I need on round, square, rectangular tubing, angle iron, and standard c channel, its the Formed material I'm having issues with. Many thanks to anyone who can help me find the information I am looking for. Please responde here on this thread or via private message.

    Charlie Johnson
    Plainview, TX

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    Info needed/?

    We form 10ga P&O as channel frequently. What specifically are you wanting to know?


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      Generally, formed C channel is formed to OD dimensions, but you should check and confirm this before ordering, This is how it's always been around here, but no telling what is customary local local local. This is true around here, with both a simple C out of 3/16", or a more complex "C", with a double break both top and bottom, with just 12 gauge, both will be 4" od, top to bottom.


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        Formed channel is not a standard size. It is made to the dimensions specifically for a job. For instance your going to make 100 utility bodies. You would determine the leg lengths & width needed in your application as well as the thickness of material used then have it produced. If you are looking for a specific size then just have it made but if your designing something then you need to engineer it to figure out the size & then have it made. Any competent fab shop with a brake can make it for you especially a few pcs. For longer runs then you would look to a manufacturer with roll forming equipment.
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          I was talking about standard truck bed parts (crossmembers) as sold by many steel service centers.


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            It might help if you tell us the application & qty. your looking to use.


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              Thanks for the answers. Now I know why I haven't been able to find standard dimensions on this stuff.

              The reason I was wanting dimensional data, I have a River City Body 24 Ft. x 96" Flat Bed that is constructed with 4", 5", and 6" Formed C Channel for the Bed Cross Members and Head Board. The Primary Subframe is 6" Channel Iron, weight unknown but can be found with a couple of measurements.

              Anyhow, I am wanting to 3D CAD Model this bed so I can design a trailer frame to go under it. I have tires, axles, and suspension already and 1/4" wall tubing to be salvaged from another trailer for my purposes. Well, I just get some measurements and lay it out. I was hoping for some standard dimensional data to make the job easier. Oh Well, you can't have everything. Thanks for the response guys.

              Charlie Johnson


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