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Powered ring maker.

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  • Powered ring maker.

    I need several hundred 2 1/2" ID rings rolled from 1/4" bar stock both sq and round. I didn't want to pay a buck + each for them either. So i took my powered scroller base and motor and replaced the scroll die with a round die the size i want for the ring. Now i can do 30 rings a minute like a big spring then just clip them apart. Just feed in 5' bars. Will get some pics...Bob

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    I will be interested in seeing these. I may need something like that. Thanks for sharing..Travis


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      I have 6 extra dies that go up to 5 1/2" ID. The dies from my HF bender will fit they just need a keyway cut to fit my drive shaft. Broaching a keyway takes about 5 minutes...Bob


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        I do this on the lathe. Made a roller that clamps to the ways and use the right size pipe or tube for a die/mandrel. It makes a spring type piece that get cut into separate rings. Larger stock has to go in the forge before twisting.


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          The way they make the rings you buy at the supply stores is with a capstan winch kind of thing. They wind up a coil out of a twenty or twenty four foot stick of material just like winding up a winchline. The coils are cut, aligned, and tacked. You now have a circle for your fence or railing.

          The other day a friend of mine tossed a coiled spring from a garage door into his scrap pile. I pulled it out and started cutting rings for him with his torch. He thought that was too kewel.

          Those rings are spring steel and only quarter of an inch round stock. But they make neat lots of things from tie downs to ding a lings.


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            Here are a few of the rings. A 3' bar will make 3 rings. I prob will run 5' at a time. I just need to slice them apart and they will be ready for my projects...Bob
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              I needed about 20 rings for a project. Did the same thing the manual way. Clamped a piece of pipe in the vise, tucked the end of 10' 1/4" round bar in a slot, and walked around and around till I had enough turns. Other than the end of the stock hitting everything in the shop, was simple enough. I ended slid a piece of 1" pipe over the stock - keeps it straight coming off the bend, and makes for a tighter coil - especially when you're at the other end of the table.


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