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Frame mounted motorcycle carrier

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  • Frame mounted motorcycle carrier

    I haven't built it yet as it is still in the design stage. I have posted some 3D renderings of the get-up though. Reason being because there is one slight issue with the design (that I can think of of course). Because the carrier is mounted through the reciever hitch there is going to be some wobbling that will occur because the HSS that goes into the receiver hitch is obviously smaller...any ideas how to fix that??
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    you drill a hole on the side of the receiver hitch , weld a nut and as you tighten the bolt it squeeze the hss and it stop moving .



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      Since you have the welder, why couldn't you modify the hitch to have a receiver on either side of the one in the middle? That way, you can have three inputs on the motorcycle bracket that would eliminate any torsional movement of just one. I wouldn't think it would interfere with the car bumper that way.


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        Yah those are both really good ideas. Thanks for the help


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          The dual receiver idea does work very well. I built a cargo carrier for an RV trailer and used dual receivers and the thing is very, very stable in all directions. 2 receivers is plenty, no need to go with 3.


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            I also build motorcycle carriers. Here are a few different designs I've built.


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              Desertrider33 did you have any issues with wobbling with your design?


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                JJF, the single tube designs do wobble in the receiver tube. I use a Draw-Tite J-pin in my hitches to keep down the wobbling. There are also other anti-rattle devices you can buy to keep the hitch from wobbling. Check out in the hitch acc'y section to see various anti-rattle devices. Or look up the J-Pin on the website. The J-Pin is similar to K Zen's welded nut and set bolt idea for tightening the tube to one side of the receiver.

                Here are links to write-ups I did on the carrier projects with lots more pics and description of the designs.




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                  JJF -- You might also take some thin flat stock, weld it to two adjacent sides of the square tube, and then grind it down so that the fit into the receiver hitch is tight with little movement. While this would be easier than two receiver hitch points, the dual receiver set up is the best thing for creating stablility.


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                    Great ideas thanks alot!!!!!


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                      Those bike carriers look like such a great idea but I have seen a few problems with them.

                      First on cars they mount really low and when you drive over a small drainage gully they scrap on the ground or road, speed bumps would do a similar thing.

                      Next in our country they are only legal if you install lights, indicators, stop and driving lights.

                      The ones I have seen always sway like mad. It is carrying a $10K asset.



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                        That's definetly some good points right there. I never really thought of how low it would be. I guess to fix that I could put an upwards angle on the HSS coming from the receiver to lift it up a bit...but then there's the issue with traffic laws like you mentioned..I guess it would be a good idea to look into that!


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