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Kayak cart for $4

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  • Kayak cart for $4

    With the nice weather here, I got to thinking about getting out my kayak.

    Mine is 14 1/2 ft long and weighs about 60 lbs so it is a bit of work to get it down off the wall and out to the car.

    Went to a kayak show last month and saw lots of kayaks and carts to help move them around.

    The started at $55 and went up. Of course I figured I could make one cheaper but as usual, I got involved with another project.

    Then my neighbor tossed out his old boat seat.

    The back frame was the perfect shape for the cart so I started.

    Took about 1 1/2 hours to finish.

    Quick and easy project.

    Cost was $3 for the 1/2-13 bolts and nuts and $1 for the swim noodle from the dollar store. Had the wheels from an old lawn spreader.

    I am finding lots of other uses for the cart to move large stuff around when I am by myself.
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    Nice and simple
    Post a pic with the Kayak on it


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      he he he..........GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
      yeah, send us pics with the 'yak on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      good job!!!!!!!!!!


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        Here are some photos of the cart with the kayak on it.

        Had to get the cart back from a friend who borrowed it to move a stack of plywood.

        It's nice when a project goes well and works nicely.

        My usual designs cause lots of cussing and rework but that's why we do it ourselves.
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          NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicer that it was CHEAP TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            I like it.
            Nice Job


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              OK... What the heck is that?
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                Nice job on the kayak cart and thanks for a new idea on a one day project.

                I'm currently preparing to build a kayak trailer for carrying two kayaks. I have the trailer and a plastic double-lid truck tool box (identical to this) plus the angle iron for the basic frame. The uprights and cross-arms are in the works.

                If anyone has any ideas, or better yet, plans, for wheel cover/mud flaps, please pass them along to me.


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                  Originally posted by Frank865 View Post
                  OK... What the heck is that?
                  Dang ! - can't get anything past the members !

                  ok Frank865 since you caught it - this is a good example of my having too much time on my hands.

                  Made from golf club irons, it measures about 24" in diameter and weighs about 95 lbs.

                  I was all set to make it when a friend asked if it was weatherproof.
                  Since all the irons were carbon steel, I said "probably not".

                  He said "why don't you use stainless clubs and then it can go outside"

                  (Great - Thanks a lot now you just made it cost at least 10 times what I had budgeted.)

                  But actually it only took about 6 months of yard sales and thrift stores to get enough stainless clubs to make it.

                  Stand is piece of 3" IIPS pipe and base is 20" diameter flanged and dished carbon steel pressure vessel head. Ring is a kids mini trampoline I found in the trash. Added it after I found it was too tippy and didn't want anyone to get hurt if it fell over.

                  After I took the photo, I had the stand sand blasted and powder coated white.

                  thanks for looking
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                    Divine Wind,

                    Nice trailer.

                    Since I only have a car with no hitch, I have to get inventive with how I move big stuff like my kayak.

                    I saw a great way to get tie-down points when you don't have towing loops on a car.

                    It is basically a tennis ball with a 2 foot piece of 1" wide nylon webbing tied thru in a loop.
                    You open your hood and/or trunk and put 2 of these things inside and close the lid on the webbing.

                    The tennis ball stays inside and the webbing sticks thru the seam and you have an instant temporary tie-down point.


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                      Holy cow, Burnt Hands, how do you have all that metalworking equipment and only a car for getting materials??? I like the clubhead sculpture, but couldn't you have gotten some clearcoat or gotten it sprayed at a paintshop for cheaper than buying stainless clubs? Still pretty cool.

                      How much does your Wilderness Systems weigh? I've got a Tarpon 120 that weighs about 50 lbs. I just have to muscle that thing around. I like the truck bed rack another guy made one here. A whole lot cheaper than the 500 bucks worth of Yakima I've got on my truck.


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                        Divine Wind & NoogaD,

                        This company who sells canoe and kayak trailers.


                        Might give you some ideas.

                        I have a factory roof rack and I added a Yakima kayak rack with rollers on the rear to hold mine. I put a piece of carpet on my trunk and slide the kayak up until I can get it on the rollers.

                        As far as carrying and moving heavy stuff, I depend on friends with pickups or I rent a truck.

                        I can move my 330 cu ft argon tank in my car by folding down the back seat.
                        Do this about once a month.

                        If I had a pickup, I would probably never make it to work on trash day as my friends call me "Sanford"


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