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Another Cart

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  • Another Cart

    I'll post some pictures when I finally get off the rig and can start on this project. But we're on standby and not much to do, so I built it on Google Sketchup. I plan to make it out of aluminum. Thanks to some other threads, I figured out how to put a panel on the cart because Miller recommends using a 30A breaker for the Diversion 165, so I needed a little different power configuration. The big blue box is a MillerMatic 252, the medium box is a Diversion 165, and the small one is a Spectrum 625. There's space on the top rack for a consumables bin. Hopefully, this won't be too heavy to roll!
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    This may sound stupid, so forgive me if it does. Why couldn't a guy watch the sales and such for an old electric powered pallet jack like some of the grocery stores use. Make a cart like NoogaD has drawn, with the exception of the wheels. Thinking about it as I type I wonder if a motor is even needed at all, a pallet of can goods isn't light at all and it moves fine. Hope you get time soon, I would love to watch your cart grow.



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      Thanks Tom, that's a great idea about mounting a cart of this size on a pallet dolly. My problem is I don't have time for bargain shopping. I've been home 2 days in the last 56 while working in Utah, piddling around the Grand Canyon, and now working in Arkansas.

      The oilfield seems to be picking back up again if any of you are rig welders (not me, welding's just a hobby for now.)


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        Isnt the 252 built into a rack already from the factory? Would you remove it from that? I have a 210 and would like to do something like this but it is built into a rack with wheels also.


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          Yeah, the 252 has a bottle rack on the back and casters. I'm assuming it's all just bolted on. If not, nothing a grinder can't cure. It is pretty heavy though, 210 lbs by the book.


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            Love the design and the thoughts with the hooks and other details!

            I have been brain-storming for a long time on a similar plan for my Diversion and Plasma Cutter with a bottle of Argon, Helium, and Nitrogen on an all aluminum construction.

            Been trying to make it work where it can roll through a regular doorway, roll on irregular ground (Gravel driveways), and be easy to load in my truck with a ramp set! Problem I am running into is that I am trying to incorporate storage for the accessories, consumables and tools and not get too top heavy while trying to keep it compact and not take up a large footprint.

            Love to see yours if you actually start to construct it!


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              It'll happen sooner or later. My garage is 19' x 19' hence the need for space savers. My saws are bolted onto gravity stands and my big welding table is on casters so it can be rolled out of the way too. The welding cart will get started sooner or later. Gotta finish my custom bed project first to get that out of the way. Don't laugh at my brazing abilities since I'm extremely new at all of this. It'll clean up, and the great thing about metal is it'll go back together.

              Back to the carts. I'm going to use quick connects to attack the cable racks to the cart so that I'll be able to get to the 252 and change out spools. I thought about using some bigger pneumatic tires to make it easier to maneuver on the rough concrete drive. You could try that in a 5" or 6", bigger tire will help you on the ramp, Kamikaze.
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                My advice would be to stay away from pneumatic tires; with the weight not evenly distributed on that cart you will have tires on one side compressed a lot more then the opposite side. When this happens one side has much more drag and is harder to move. I made the mistake of swivel pneumatic castors on my all in one cart for my dynasty and ended up going with some nice martin solid rubber tires.



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                  Yeah, Dan, thanks for pointing that out.


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                    I like the Google Sketchup Drawing. I've played around with the program a little but having difficulty making it work for me. Good luck with the cart.


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                      Google Sketchup is a little wonky to get used to. We used SolidWorks in our engineering courses, but that program is something like $1900 minimum, whereas Sketchup is free. The more you draw with it the more you get used to the quirks.


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