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Railing - need a little help

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    Matt, just went back and looked at your original pictures, since there is no posts actually bolted to the concrete, other than the first one, you would need to attach two horizontal members to your original railings, one high, one low, for proper support.

    I'd also like to compliment you on some very nice work, btw. Get the engineering squared away, you will be fine.


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      Dammit, my scanner isn't cooperating, just looks at me with a bunch of blinking lights. Laughing at me. My thinking is, just to clarify, the new support posts go straight down to the first concrete attachment, then angle in to the vertical wall.


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        I didn't read every word of every post in this thread, so sorry if this was already mentioned. Why not weld a couple gussets in place?

        If this doesn't work please excuse the poor effort, my granddaughter just switched operating systems on this computer, and I'm lost without windows!
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          To be honest, Sonora, the angled uprights still look too flimsy.

          What would it take, to get your grand-daughter, down here to Lodi, CA, to fix my scanner????????


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            Originally posted by JSFAB View Post
            To be honest, Sonora, the angled uprights still look too flimsy.
            Yeah those uprights are just a killer, too thin of material from the start.
            Wonder about taking the gusset up further? Probably look like crap tho!


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              I would hav installed a newel at the break as well. In addition to Wyros (how ya doing Wyoming??) comments you might try adding a weld on tab to the newel post at the nose of the stair tread and epoxy in a bolt there too.


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                For starters you forgot the post at the top of the stairs set 4" back from the nose.

                #2 As Adams welding said core drilling is the best way.
                I've installed thousands of feet of railing on hundreds of buildings and core drilling stands the test of time.

                I find core drilling 4" below grade is very suffiecient.


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                  Couple of things:

                  I did think of gussets, it was on my list of possible fixes and mentioned in an earlier posts. Nice to see it validated independently

                  A few have commented on the flimsiness of the angled supports (1/2" bar). They are actually quite stiff; all of the flex is in the weld tabs bolted to the wall. Shorter ones would probably have flexed less.

                  I covered the core drilling option in an earlier post. I agree it would have been nice to do but I was trying to stay as close as possible to the edge. Everyone comments on the railing not meeting code but nobody mentioned my too-narrow stairs. A post at the break would indeed have helped.

                  I'm going to try Roy's suggestion since it involves the least fabrication and looks to have the right balance of physics and aesthetics.

                  I knew you guys would have the answer(s)!



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                    You guys gave me a lot of great suggestions but in the end I went in another direction. It did, however, involve installing a triangle. I also reinforced the weld tabs with a piece of bar channel. This was an easy fix with some scrap material. Some may argue it's not the prettiest but at least the Mrs. is happy! The railing is very stable now.

                    btw, I wish I would have had these railings dipped, the rain is showing me all of the spots I missed.

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