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How about a little metal surgery...

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  • How about a little metal surgery...

    I thought some of you guys would enjoy seeing this. This is the boom from a loader that the cylinder got changed for a more powerfull one so it can handle a bigger grab arms system. The guy pick up a big load of trees and dragged them and snap.

    First look at the hurting piece of machinery
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    A little cut in here and there, then grind paint and inside mill scale of places where the backing will be tacked on. I'm going to have to add a 17 inches boxed piece to replace the mangled steel I cut off the boom. That's what I got done so far. Tommorow is another day.
    I'll keep you guys post as I go along if your interested to see the end.
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      There's a few more.
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        Looks like a nice project you can make a few $$$$ off of. I can't believe how some people treat equipment. Thanks for the pics.


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          Things we do for money,


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            I like the work you've shown so far.. Just a suggestion though you may have this in mind already.

            After the box section is welded in, I'd remove the hydraullic anchor and cut the fish plate back a few inches, then install a longer fish plate to cover the joint a few inches past the weld beside the anchor. Reinstall the anchor and she's back in service.

            Just my 2 cents.



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              Hey JohnnyTIG, how would you remove the fish plate? Arc gouge? Or would it be easier to remove the section of plate it is on and reskin an extra foot then weld the fish plate back on. Also, are these booms just a-36?


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                Air arc the anchor wouldn't be easier as the inside has a fishplate and partition walls as well. And yes Walker it is mild steel.
                I'll take a few picks of it tomorrow from the inside.
                Hey Jonny, I konw what you mean by taking the cylinder anchor off.
                I'll talk to the owner tomorrow about it.
                But he seems happy about putting a fish plate over top both cross weld one side as a v shape and the other tying in with the inside of the end v of the cylinder anchor, I will be fish plating both side as well.
                You can see the drawing of the fishplate on the tird picture.I wont bother with the bottom shouldn't need it.
                It actually wouldn't take that long to take the cylinder anchor off though.
                We'll see what he says.
                Thanks for the tip, very good idea
                Last edited by Daniel; 04-09-2010, 12:35 AM.


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                  If the owner isn't the operator; Is the operator on the business end of a shovel now?


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                    Daniel, If I were you I would put some plates om the inside of the boom extending at least 8" eather side of the crack, I would then take torch cut a groove length wise or parallel to the boom and plug weld the plate.

                    Note, Theres more pressure being applied to the top and bottom of the boom so thats where you want your fish plates.

                    I would use ( 4 ) 1" x 4" flat bar extending 8" - 12" past the crack with a 3/4" groove cut length wise so you can plug weld it.

                    2 plates welded to the top corners and 2 plates welded to the bottom corners.

                    I would then install the backers as you've done between the flat bars that run the length of the boom.

                    I know its more common to see the heavy fish plates on the sides of the boom, butt you actualy get more strength when putting fish plates on the top and bottom flange of the boom.

                    Other than where you splice the new section of boom in, Try to minimize welding across the boom.

                    Good luck.


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                      Originally posted by davinci2010 View Post
                      If the owner isn't the operator; Is the operator on the business end of a shovel now?
                      I dont really know?


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                        I would use ( 4 ) 1" x 4" flat bar extending 8" - 12" past the crack with a 3/4" groove cut length wise so you can plug weld it.

                        There is already a 3/4" x 3/4" HRS in each of the 4 inside corners that I'm tying in.

                        Rules of thumb I've been told by a few good welders in this industry is less welding the better, but make sure you have enough though. The walls of the boom are 3/8 thick all around, so I have to stick with 3/8 reinforcement anything thicker will create a too stiff of an area and be prone to cracking, because it wont flex as well as other area.


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                          Ive been doing this type of work for 24 years and have had my own business for 22 years.

                          Its my experience that if it re-breaks in the same area they want to know why you diddnt reinforce that area, Then they want you to fix it for free.

                          If it breaks breaks 2' away then you can say what you fixed held and they have no problem paying you to fix a new spot.

                          I understand however that there are alot of wanna bees on the forum so you want to go with advise from someone you know.

                          I'd probably do the same if I were in your shoes.

                          Heres a couple of my welding rigs that I built and operate.

                          Good luck it looks like a fun project.
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                            Hey Portable, you should re-name yourself Portable welding shop on big wheels!
                            Nice looking rig, very well set up.

                            Daniel, It looks like you know what you're doing and have got some good advise. I'd like to see the finished pics when you get them.


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                              Portable, I put 4 1" X 1" hot rolled square on the 4 inside corner welded on to the 1/2" X 1/2" hot rolled square the was already there from the factory. Even though I explain to the owner the 1" X 4" that you recommended, as I liked the idea, he almost went for it. But he believes just the fishplate on the outside will make the boom stronger then when it was new.
                              PS: Man that's what I call a rig. You almost could put a 20 tonnes press on that rig. Maybe you should.

                              Jonnytig, I'm going to take a few inches off the cylinder plate with the air arc so I can extend the fishplate passed the groove weld that is right at the tip of it.

                              Today I finished the inside prep for the new add-ons. Leveled and squared the 2 pieces together. I cut my plates, flame cut my bevels and tacked them in.
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                              Last edited by Daniel; 04-09-2010, 06:42 PM.


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