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Buying a welder need advice

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  • Buying a welder need advice

    ok im just a shop rat that caan MIG,TIG,ARC pretty good but i need my ow equipment for side bisness (times are tough) but i have 1800 to spend and am wondering what i should get my truck can handle a bobcat or trailblazer if i could find one for a good price but are the MIG and TIG processes as good as the 212 or the diversion 165 (sync 250 is out of my budget)

    so overall can anyone help me out here im stuck

    MM 212
    diversion 165

    also sorry stupid move i put his in the wrong forum set sorry again
    mods please move to the appropriate forum

    but does the bobcat and trailblazer come with cables when you buy them or no im not sure
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    Not to throw another wrench into your works; But how about an XMT 304? It will do stick, mig and flux core with an add on feeder, and tig. About the only thing it lacks is A/C output for aluminum tig work. With all of the feeders and high frequency boxes, etc. available for this machine, you can custom tailor it to your needs. Then there are always the Dynasty machines----( Insert Homer Simpson noises and drool! ).


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      What kind of work will you be doing? Do you want to be portable or only weld at a shop or both? If shop based then what kind of electric power do you have available?


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        The engine driven machines do not come with leads. It is sort of a mute point if you are considering new tho because they cost a good bit more than $1800
        Used would be different tho and there is a very good chance of finding a good working machine ready to go with everything for that price.
        Give your location and someone close could help as well.


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          well thats a downer but ya i have 220 on a 50amp breaker in my shop/garage but a 304 would be great except i dont have 3 phase setup and then i would have to get a 22a for mig and wire feed

          but if anyone in southern california has one there selling please contact me ive seen a few for sale but there either brand new or beat to **** and back

          if you know of anyone selling a good used machine send me a message on the board or my cell 7142625119 thanks for your help


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            Originally posted by cncmachinist View Post
            I have 220 on a 50amp breaker in my shop/garage, a 304 would be great except i don't have 3 phase and then i would have to get a 22a for mig
            XMT 304's also runs on 220V single phase... well some are 3 phase only, just look at the input tag and it will tell the tale. If you don't need to do any aluminum tig I think a used 304 with a wire feeder and a tig torch is the most cost effective option.


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              ok i think ill look more into a 304 but whats the cost of oh say 20' leads for the bobcat i dont need to go very far but 10' is too short do you have to custom wire the ground and all that


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                I bought the materials to make my leads on E-bay. I've got 25' of ground and 25' of work lead. The 50' of 2/0 cable was about $120.00 new, Tweco 300 amp ground clamp $30.00, Tweco 300 amp stinger $35.00, if I remembered correctly. Oh and two Dinse connectors $10.00. That's about $230.00 after shipping costs for 25' each of 2/0 leads.


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