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My latest project.

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  • My latest project.

    Here are some pictures of my latest car project that I've been working on. A keg fuel cell for a corvette.
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    Nice work. Just wondering why you didnt clean up the keg? Is the idea to look used?


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      This is just a thought from my buddy an Ohio State Highway Patrolman. He said the first thing they would do when a guy comes in with a beer keg like on a dune buggy to get inspected is make him "prove" he owns the keg or he has to remove it. Just my .02 ...Bob


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        Hey Jonny, nice to see you posting more of your work
        D@mn those welds looks SWEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Yes, the idea was to keep it looking like a used keg. I've personnaly never seen one that wasn't scratched and dented a bit. A friend wanted me to polish it and remove the paint, but I figured it wouldn't look right.

          Kegs can be bought remanufactured for around $80 bucks, and are around $150 new, or at least they used to be before the price of stainless went up. I suppose if I was told I couldn't have this one then it could be turned in for 50 cents per pound. This particular one was de-comissioned for some reason so I was told, and had been in private posession for 24 years.

          It holds a half gallon less than the origonal fuel tank. I tinkered with a sending unit from a CAT 777 haul truck that fits into the neck of the keg, I just have to buy a couple parts and I'll have it hooked up to the stock fuel guage.

          Thanks Bert for the comments



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            A better picture of the whole thing
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              Can't wait to see it in the car, and let us know how it performs!!!!


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                Very interesting indeed!!!


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                  I'm still working on the tuning, but it's working really good. I have to get the distributor advance curve set up right, and I'm working on the secondary jetting and accelorator pump timing.

                  It's nice to have her back on the road, she should see the track this year to do a couple of passes and top speed tests, and I'm currently in the process of buying a 12 point CrMo cage for it.

                  You can check out a short video on youtube called 'rabbi's 1976 stingray'
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                    I also just finished the dual stainless exhaust, well, ok, mostly finished. I still need to correct an error I made in one of the tubes, install a crossover pipe, and fab up some nice stainless hangers to get rid of the steel ones.
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                      Where do you race?

                      Nice work Jonny. By the way, where abouts do you test your car? At "Race city" by any chance. I'm from Calgary as well, bought a 64 volvo p1800 6 months ago. I am restoring it now as a first project and am gonna do some custome welding work like a grill, etc. Any ideas on how to get some power out of the 1.8litre, 4 cylinder? I want some more, but not sure what to do since i am still in high school and on a tight budget. It's a good project for starters any way.



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                        Race City will be the place if they are still open this year. I haven't really tested it much except for once down the south deerfoot towards Okatoks, did a speed test up to the cars origonal top speed. Any questions you have just PM me and I'll try to help you out with your projects.

                        I'm not familiar with that engine, however there are many things one can do to almost any engine to get a little more out of it.


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                          Thanks for the offer. I'll keep it in mind. Right now i am still trying to get rid of the rust from the rotten floorpans. Once it is gone and rewelded, i'll be putting the interior back in. Don't know whether to do it original or custom... again i'm having trouble deciding. Here is some pics of my car and what a customized one can look like. Also, when you reweld auto metal, is there requirements as to whether it needs to be a certain type such as a seam weld or spot weld. Right now i'm thinking in relation to the floorpan. I cut out certain sections of the floorpan (where it is rusted bad enough so i cant use that metal again) and am wondering if i can do a spot weld every inch or something similar. Maybe drill holes every inch in the overlapped 20guage and fill the hole through with a puddle of MIG???
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                            I don't do body metal welding, I'm not the best to ask. Post a fresh thread and see what people say. There's lots of experience floating around this forum


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                              Dabar39 is the man who is most experienced at bodywork like you want. Send him a pm or post it up here on the forum like JonnyTIG suggested (in the Motorsports side of the forum)

                              p.s. sorry Dave to abuse your name
                              Last edited by Bert; 04-08-2010, 06:46 PM.


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