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    Nice work Fabtech, I believe that your table could be handy for a lot more then just welding.

    Miller 211 A.S. and Spoolmate 100
    Stickmate LX 235 AC / 160 DC.
    Clarke 180 EN Just in case
    Spectrum 375 X-Treme.
    O/A Medium Radnor Torch, Large Victor Torch.
    Milwaukee 14" Chop Saw.
    4 x 6 Horizontal Band Saw.
    Rockworth 80 Gallon 2 Stage 16 SCFM @ 175 PSI , 15 SCFM @ 90 PSI.
    Jackson Passive shade #5 for the plasma.
    I almost forgot the Hobart XVP AD Hood.

    Projects and Misc Albums Feel Free to Have a Look ( Just keep in mind I am an amateur )


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      I made a very similar welding table using the Miller plans. The plans were really poor and I made a lot of modifications to make the table work properly. Like you mentioned, the holes in the joists need to be staggered so the table will fold up properly. That staggering makes the front and rear legs different lengths, but not the lengths that are specified in the plans. Also, the linkages on the legs in the plan were all wrong. Wrong length and wrong locations. I made a scale model out of cardboard to get the linkages right before I cut any steel. The secret to making the table stable with a folding link in the leg linkage is to set up the linkage stops so the linkage droops past neutral when the table is unfolded. In your pictures, it looks like the linkage stops make the linkage sit straight when the table is unfolded. With the straight linkage, any play in the linkage at all will really show up as movement in the table. That, and the linkage can accidentally flip up and unintentionally fold up the table. If you set the stops up higher off the link, so the linkage droops a bit, the stability of the table will increase quite a bit and you won't have to unbolt the linkage to fold up the table. Of course, that's also combined with the third solid link in the linkage.
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        Not knowing a thing about what I was doing or how to do something like this I would have to tackle one that had poor drawings. So thatís why there was movement in the legs when I first had the linkage set up. Thanks a bunch of the info Iíll try that, I just reread the comments under that project. You still got your table? Thanks again
        Fab Tech


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          Yeah, I'm still using it. Built it about a year ago and I've been pretty happy with it. It could use some holes cut into the middle of the top so I could use clamps in the middle of the table. Other than that, it's been really good. I've finally joined the elite group of weldors that don't have to work off a pair of sawhorses or on the ground unless they want to.


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            I know it's a bit old, but do you have any plans you can post or point us to? This project would be a great fit for my situation.
            Millermatic 211
            Everlast 200DX TIG
            Lincoln Weld-Pak 100
            Century Stick welder
            Hypertherm Powermax 30 plasma cutter
            Oxy set-up with Henrob 2000 torch
            Logan 200 lathe (60 years old)
            Jet band saw