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My Portable Welding Table

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  • My Portable Welding Table

    Ok, here we go a few shots of my portable welding table, and tools of the trade. I got that feelin some of you are giggling.
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    i like it. it has a fully height adjustable top with color coded adjusters. now how cool is that. and to show its high dollar it even has a shiny new top that easily reversible. mind if i ask how long it took to build this fine piece of craftsmanship? can you please include some step by step instructions and pics of the assembly process? i think i might have enough materials around the farm to copy it if i take apart my coffee and dinning room tables. coarse my 4 girlfriends might want to divorce me if i dismantle the house hold furniture. but what the heck i'll make them happy with some fine rustic apple crates.


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      Glad you like it The whole idea is portability. Table height is 34 the table size is 48x18 1/8 plate, in photo #2 I show the frame its 1-1/4x1-1/4 x1/8 sq stock picked up at the local supply yard. Im using .030 solid steel wire and a setting of 4/70 on my Millermatic 180. In photo #3 the vise is a key element to the table its also portable, and of course youll need tools, good tools are essential. Tools of the Trade
      Send me an email and Ill get you a Cadd drawing or a PDF be my pleasure

      Ah man your killin me here,


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        seriously it looks like it will be a nice table when you get it done. nice and light and easy on the back. beats the heck out of a piece of plywood on a tree stump. be sure to show us farm billies pics of the finished table.


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          All right here we go, the whole idea is portability. I cant weld in the garage, that a given so use the driveway. A Folding Portable Welding Table
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            Table legs
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              Table top on legs
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                Looks like I need to set the date on my camera, I took these yesterday,
                If I knew how to post a video that be great

                Well there she is my welding table
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                  that's a heck of a nice table you built Mr. Fab. was it your idea or did you find some plans for it? either way you did a great job on it and i'm sure guys will follow your lead. i like your welding shoes also lol. i was doing some plasma cutting this weekend showing my boy how well my new cutmaster 52 works and he got two lessons in one. forgot what shoes i was wearing and to his benefit he got his second lesson when he saw his dad do the jig and kick off my smoking not so new now super high speed tenny runners. now that those new shoes are broken in it shouldn't be to bad once i get the holes in them lined up right with the little blisters on the tops of my feet.


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                    Wondering if you could just cut the piece that you unbolt to fold and put a hinge pin in the middle of it with a little overweld catch on one piece so it can only bend in one direction, up when you lift it. That way you wouldn't have to unbolt it. Real nice job.


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                      I got the idea off this miller site, welding projects under In The Shop on page 14, someone has plans but if you look into them his photos contradict the drawings.
                      I needed to make some revisions to get to work.

                      In step#2 the holes in the 1 1/2x3 are shown in a strait line in the photo he left the ends on, no openings

                      In steps #3-4 legs are different lengths ones 30 other 30 3/4 whats up with that. Ill get to that later

                      In the photos next to step#7 the drawing shows the bolt holes aligned, in the photo to the right the bolt holes are offset, now this will fold up if he cut open one of the ends on the 1 1/2 tube

                      In the photo in step#9 his bolts are offset but the end of the 1 is not cut, again the legs will not fold in side

                      Now looking at the photo in step#10 the bolts are offset this would make sense for having one leg 30 and the other 30

                      This project goes south in step #2 the holes need to be drilled offset of one another for it to work


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                        Hi Leefy
                        I did that on the first go around, the leg had to much slop table moved around to much so in took them off
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                          not very heavy but im shure it works good for you. look good


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                            I'm in love !

                            I found my next project in your pics..... The 90 degree clamping whatsamajiggit in pic. # oo6. Pretty handy I'll bet, they come in 45's too?


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                              Yes they do, these are the small 5 ones. Theyre made of aluminum pretty handy


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