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    To save bench space on my workbench I made a receiver hitch for the workbench in my shop. As I have built, I have added these to my welding table, and shop press. These also fit in a truck receiver hitch so I can go mobile with all my bench top tools. I weld a nut on them and use a bolt to make them tight so they don't wobble around. I also have made most a little long so I can use them in the truck with the tailgate down.
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    great space saving. I used receivers too. You can pack a lot of attachments in a small area when space is at a premium.


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      Nice looking mounts pro70. I did the vise back in 96 and have been doing all my stuff like that since then. The initial reason was for portability to job sites, but it was such a space save I keep on doing it with other tools.
      "The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein