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An old Press project revisited

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  • An old Press project revisited

    I built the old press in a have to situation, a Sunday afternoon and nobody home that had a press. Here is what
    I got by with. It got me by, but it just wasn't practical so pic #2 is what I modified it into. The uprights and top are
    3 1/2"x3/8 angle welded solid to form a tube. The upper corners
    are boxed with 3/8" to offer just a little more beef. All the 3/8th was welded with 7018 even tho the 211 was
    sitting right there. I need all the stick practice I can get and since I was in no rush, it made good practice.
    The bed is 1/4" x 2" square tube welded with .030 mig. So far I only have a 12 ton jack, everything I had let the
    bed deflect about 1/16". I think I will truss the bed and go to a 20 ton sometime in the future.

    Then the wife came in right in the middle of paint and says. Dear could you make me a giant upside
    down thumbtack.
    The giant tack is pic 3 and 4 .

    Actually it is for her desk to stick papers onto. This was my first flirt with O/A since 1987.
    I have forgotten alot since 87.

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    BOTH ARE COOL Hope she doesn't stab her hand with it
    Thinking of a stronger design for the 20ton press? or do you think the same will hold?
    good practicing


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      Thanks Bert.

      I was thinking that I hope she doesn't stab me with it!!!!!

      I strongly believe that the press itself is plenty strong, but the bed is a different story. I think I will truss it with 2" x 1/4" strap ran under maybe a 2" or 3" center point.


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        I figured I would update a couple pics just in case anyone was interested. I now have a 20 ton jack. I really wanted the air over hyd, but just couldn't justify the cost. I had to add two return springs to lift the bigger jack.

        In the press pic there is a pipe drop and a round stock drop on the bed. I used these to make a new and improved paper tack for the wife. This was just an experiment. I rounded the edges of the pipe and also the round stock, sprayed them with wd 40, set a scrap of heavy gauge sheet (maybe 1/16") and started with the jack. I pressed the round stock 1/2" into the pipe and then cut off the scrap edges. After I pressed it all the way thru the pipe I used a ball pein hammer to fix the few wrinkles in the new lip before I took it off the round stock.

        Sorry for the book guys. This is the first time I have ever done this and I ended the night on a happy note since it turned out good. They both still need paint but maybe the kids can do that this weekend if the snow hits.

        The to jacks under the bed are just there for storage purpose only.

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          One of my eighth grade teachers, Mrs. Smiley, became enraged at one of the cutups in class. In her fit she abruptly brought her open hand down to slap her desk, failing to remember just where her pointy paper holder was, and guess what happened. Yup, impaled herself, right through the middle of her palm.


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            OMG just thinking about that hurts. I'll take the burns and blisters of welding gladly before I would even want to think about being skewered.


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