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Pics of my car hauler trailer built with a Millermatic 175

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  • Pics of my car hauler trailer built with a Millermatic 175

    I thought I'd throw up some pics of my latest project.

    The requirements of the project prior to starting were to build a trailer that will haul my truck, as follows:
    1. 10,000# GVW
    2. New tires, new wheels, new axles, new lights (I hate working on old crap somebody else didn't take care of)
    3. Long enough to haul my truck and my quad at the same time.
    4. Lighter than any 10,000# GVW trailer you can buy (excluding aluminum)
    5. Less than $2000 invested
    6. Done in two weeks.

    Impossible you say? Nope!

    So...... I got to looking around and found a camper frame, brand new with 5200# axles (brakes on both), steel wheels, load range C tires, 2-5/16" coupler tongue jack, and safety chains. Made from 2x8x1/8" tubing at the front and 2x8x3/16" i-beam with some worthless crossers in the middle. I couldn't pass it up for only $1300 - you can't even buy the parts for anywhere near that.

    So here are the pics when it came home, still complete with camper steps and everything. The only thing done to it at this point is I added the weight distributing hitch hookups on the tongues.

    Phase 1 (just to get me through the summer):
    1. Remove crossbars and replace with tubing
    2. Beef up back
    3. Provisions for ramps
    4. Lights
    5. Wiring
    6. treated deck
    7. crappy paint job

    Phase 2 (this winter)
    1. Make fenders
    2. Sandblast and paint when all the changes are done
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    Next progress:


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      Note: 1.5 / .25" angle tray for ramps, adjustable to any width, triple gusseted. Recessed lights so they don't get busted.


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        These little junction boxes are awesome!


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          Trailer weighs 1840# as pictured. That very much delights me because a 7000# GVW trailer weighs more than that. By the time I get a spare, toolbox, battery, which, etc. etc., I'll be +/- 50# of 2000#. Goal #4 (see above) met!

          The left side of the trailer is done. I decided to weld more tube across the outriggers for additional support and a more finished look.

          As it sits, the deck is 94" wide with a 46" space in the middle. The outside of my truck's tire is roughly at 86", so that leaves me plenty of room. I have no plans to fully deck it at this point - I see no reason to, especially since those 20' 2x8 board are $25 each and (guessing) 60# each.


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            Last edited by ck welding; 11-01-2007, 10:46 AM.


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              Ramps are done, now painted. They are pretty beefy - probably 60# each. Made of 2x4x1/8 tube, 2x2x1/8 tube, and 2x2x1/4" angle at the top. Now I need to figure out where to store them when they're not in use and so they don't make a racket going down the road. I hate noisy ramps.

              And the extra lights I added. Pics of the front ones didn't turn out and its dark now - more later. Wires aren't secured yet either.

              Last edited by ck welding; 11-01-2007, 10:53 AM.


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                And starting making a place to put the ramps...........

                Last edited by ck welding; 11-01-2007, 10:47 AM.


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                  Little more progress............


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                    New 15" tires were about 6" shorter than the ones I had. Much better deck height.

                    Last edited by ck welding; 11-01-2007, 10:48 AM.


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                      Built this whole trailer with .023" wire! Worked surprisingly well after the first few welds, so I stuck with it.

                      Last edited by ck welding; 11-01-2007, 10:49 AM.


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                        Done for now, ready to haul my truck. Don't criticize the truck too much, its not done yet.

                        Last edited by ck welding; 11-01-2007, 10:50 AM.


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                            Last edited by ck welding; 11-01-2007, 10:50 AM.


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                              nice trailer, and truck. are you going to add some fenders? the pictures are great and the welds look awesome. I found my self looking at the truck more than the trailer lol. anyways..... good job! how much weight can the trailer handle?


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