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Looking to buy need a little help!

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  • Looking to buy need a little help!

    Stopped by my local suppliers store and he wants to deal me a syncrowave 200 but the older model hes had it for a while says **** give me a good deal on it because the new models are in It will be my primary m/c in my shop since my future jobs will be taking place at home now instead of at work (downsizing you know)so i need a m/c that will "do it all"

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    If its a Syncrowave 200 it cant be very old , they just came out with that model. Are you sure its not a 250 or 180 he has ?


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      I'm new to tig welding and one of the main reason I have a snychrowave 180 was because of the sweet deal I got because of the new 200 that was coming out. Can't really comment on if it would meet all your needs but I found it so far to be easy to use but then I have only been welding steal and have not tried aluminum yet. For about $2,000 I got the 180 with cart, tank, auto shield helmet, gloves, couple packs tungstan, couple packs of filler rods and tig welding manual.



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        The Syncrowave is a time prooven design. As long as you weld with in its limmits you cant go wrong. I have a Sync 250 and welds better than I ever will.


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          Precision Tig 185--The "L" Word!

          I don't know what model of S-Wave you are looking to get a deal in but if it is the 180, you may find it could use a little more amps if you do Aluminum. I don't have any experience with the SW 180 or 200 but I did own a Lincoln Precision Tig 185 which is kind of comparible to the 180 in terms of power. I owned it for a few months last year and quickly realized it couldn't do all that I wanted it to so I sold it for a small loss (got a free autodark helmet and 10lb box of 4043 out of the deal--from IOC). My problem was when doing 3/16" and 1/4" Alum. I would have to turn the amps up and the provided Lincoln 150A #17 air-cooled torch would get mighty hot after a few minutes. Then I acquired a couple older SW 300s on surplus from a C.C. I work at, sold one, kept one and away went the Lincoln on Ebay (local buyer). The SW 300 is a beautiful machine and can go up to 375A with a water-cooled torch. The only problem is it is as big as a refrigerator and weighs 4 times as much (about 700+ lbs.). And the lights in the city dim when I turn it on! LOL! Spend a little more and get the 200...and an "extra" 200A #26 air-cooled torch for the higher amp jobs (Alum). A generic #26 with 25ft cable can be had on Ebay for around $50-$60 and another $20 for the adapter. It is a fat torch so forget it if you have small hands but it DOES take the same collets and nozzles as the included #17 torch. Good Luck!


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            I guess you can never give out too much information ,it is a 180 (last years model)they have changed this model to the 200 that is why im getting it for cost because of that.My main problem is supply power i only have 60 amp service in my shop and have to be carefull what i buy and i have all the acsserories from my last job so all the toys are already here.I would like to do alum with it nothing to heavy.Also would like to hook up a suitcase mig which is another reason for the amount of ponies it runs around 180 for 35 wire(close proximity)


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              TIG Buyer

              If you are looking for syncrowave to doe everything for you, you will not be happy at all. The 180SD will do a commendable job for light duty TIG, but will struggle to go much more than 1/8" material. The input will draw about 54 amps - full out, so be careful of anything else on that circuit. I don't believe that a suitcase would be recommended for a 180SD. My advice to my customers has always been to buy the right machine for the job and the largest you can afford and you will never be unhappy with your decisions.



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                Sw 180

                I have a SW 180 and it does great. I weld mostly 1/8" or less. Aluminum boats and such. It will weld 1/4" but as you know anything over 150 amps really should have a water cooled torch and it is at the limit of the machine. You can do it but not for long. Your hand gets hot!! It really depends on what you are working on. For thicker aluminum I use the miller pulse machine. It works great and faster. As peviously posted buy what you can afford. Bigger is better but not always necessary.


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