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Help On Finishing Metal

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  • Help On Finishing Metal

    I got hired to do some gates, the customer wants a rust like finish Can somebody PLEASE explain to me how can I do this, on the web foun a guy who does it by spraying some form of acid or corrosive liquid, even lemon juice and torch heating it, this of course produces rust and real rust is not something the customer wants is RUST LIKE finish...

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    sounds like you might have to mix some custom paint... Are you set up to spray?
    If you can spray, you could go to your local automotive paint dealer and get them to mix up some paint that closely matches a rusty color. From a distance, it will look like rust, but up close it would be a high grade finish.

    the paint wont be cheap. you will most likely want to get a "single stage acrylic enamel - Dupont Centari)" type paint. Most of the catalysts or auto paint contain isocyanate and this stuff is very bad. So bad that you shouldnt even use a charcoal mask , but rather a positive pressure mask. I ve always used a charcoal mask..(you only live once and I killed my brain a long time ago...)Just make sure you have some sort of charcoal mask on at the very least. 3M makes a great mask for abou t30 bucks.

    . if you decide to go with car paint, get the guy to add a flattening agent to it so that it doesnt shine.. Ive never seen shiny rust...Now another thing is that rust usually isnt even so you might want to get another shade of paint slightly darker and slightly lighter than you main color. Spray your base color, then turn the pressure down on the gun so it tends to spit more than atomize the paint and go over the entire gate unevenly. you'll have to use some creative juices. onvcce youve done that do the same with the lighter paint.

    A quart of auto paint will set you back about 60 bucks on wont need much of the other two highlight colors. maybe a pint of each.. Price depends on color. Since your near the red part of the spectrum you'll most likely have to pay a bit more. Reds and yellows are expensive.

    If this doesnt do it for you. you could go with some tremclad that has been mixed to match.. much safer, most likey flat without additives, and cheap. you sacrifice durability. If all else fails make up a sample and show it to the client.. he they say thats great. you are home free.

    anyway that my little rant on how to acheive an effect. Direct from the stages of Stargate SG1 and Andromeda. and a few others i cant remember anymore.

    Let me know what you end up doing.. Id be interested to hear how this works out for you.
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      If you look at web sites or catalogs from suppliers of ornamental iron like King and I think Triple S they sell products that do exactly what your customer is looking for. The name is Rainbowtorch I believe. Might do a google search on that name.


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        "Copper Rust" made by the same company that makes Rainbow torch. I then use "Perma Laq", I have use PPG DAU75 clear in the past but found it too expensive and much harder to work with. You can get that stuff at IMS (used to be Capitol Metals) I think there is one in San Diego.


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          hi guys thanks a bunch for all the good info

          Signwave I am set up to spray, seldom any customer ask for anything different or out of the ordinary, mostly flat basic colors, in this town people are concernd with durability since we are a port, salty breaze corrodes things fast. I like the idea about the automotive paint, although dislike the risk, we do not have positive air in our mask.

          Fusionking is rainbowtorch a powder coat? I remember some jobs where we powdercoated some fancy interior railing and also a small run of patio furniture and I might be wrong but it does not hold weather very good ...

          so Walker, idea about IMS is looking good too, I'll drive there on Thursday and check it out....

          it is ironic to protect some gates from rust with a rust finish...

          Tank you guys for all the good info, I you come across some more about this please write to me.

          anyhow we will run 4 samples based on your tips and post pics for you guys


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            Rust FAST!

            An idea.....Spray the bare metal with a diluted bleach. The clorine will help speed the rusting process. After this is complete or they are happy with the level of rust, rinse the metal and paint it with a clear acrylic so that it will seal the metal and stop the rusting process. BINGO! Done
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              You could also get the look your after by applying a metal patina. Do a web seach and you'll find suppliers for the stuff. They have heat reactive finishes avaliable, but they also have colors you just rub on the steel with a rag or sponge. Check out Hope this helps.


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                There are some really good looking "rust" powder coat finishes. Depending on the size of the gate, it generally costs me between $50 to $125 for an ornate gate with posts and bolts. No maintenance to worry about for the customer. Cat


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                  powder coat .................

                  powder coat........that's a great idea. Why didn't I think of that. I think that would be the best finish for what your after.


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                    See the other post on rusting metal - I told the method I use. Cat


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                      Powdercoating will be the easiest way to go, got to check with my customer and probably submit a sample.

                      I will rather go for the more laborious method, the ones that let you learn something...or terribly waste your time ha ha ha

                      Cat read your post on rusting metal and both you and millerman mention rinsing.

                      With plain water?

                      Snackers, that metallic finish web site is great, have you tried some of their products?


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                        I don't know if powdercoat colors are universal but the "rust" ones I use most are "natural rust" or "roast". Also check out rustoluem textured spray paints in the multicolor - they have 2 rust colors that almost match the powder coat color "natural rust" if you need to paint bolts or touch up areas.

                        Yes, rinse with plain water.

                        What is the web site you are talking about with the metallic finishes? Snackers? Could not find.

                        Thx, Cat


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                          Hi cat. Saw pictures of your work it its pretty impressive, actually saw a couple of your pieces with that rusty look... awesome work


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                            gman - thankyou. it's a great way to make a living! cat


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