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Need Help Designing a Plow

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  • Need Help Designing a Plow

    I'm working with a John Deere 955 tractor with a 3 point hitch. I'm trying to design a snow plow that extends out the right side to clear a 4' sidewalk without driving the tractor on it. I need to figure out a way to retract it as well so it can be driven down the road. I can always add weight to the left side to counter balance the tractor if necessary for a heavier snow. I'm also thinking about making it so the blade can be removed to be reversed for driving forward or backward.

    Has anyone ever done anything like this ? Any help would be appreciated


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    Are you trying to build a wing?


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      If you know what a scraper blade looks like for the back of a farm tractor, thats pretty close to what I'm trying to build except I want it to slide out so I can drive beside the walk and lower the blade onto the walk to clear the snow off.

      The walk is 4' wide and 1000' long on a bridge with Amtrak trains underneath. Cannot use a snowblower without getting fried to a crisp and too much to shovel.


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        Not sure I'd want something sticking out four feet that was hooked to my 3-point. If you hit something that won't move, I'm guessing you'll hurt the tractor pretty good. The arms on the 3-point aren't the strongest things, and they don't flex well.

        No front bucket? I'd be a lot more comfy designing something that could replace the bucket to do that kind of work.



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          There is no possibility of hitting anything. The other side of the walk has a 4' high concrete wall, solid concrete walk a foot thick, no joints other than tooled joints in the wall. Bridge has metal expansion slots but the plow wont be touching the bridge deck and that is also a smooth concrete surface. Also a JD 955 will not fit on a 4' sidewalk otherwise I could use the front plow I have.

          The unit itself would only weigh around a couple hundred pounds, an 18" - 22" high blade, 6' - 7' long maximum.

          I'll be building the final design so the frame can be made stiff enough or made to fasten to the frame to stabilize it if necessary.


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            Check this video out. I know this one is big, but you can get some ideas from this unit and even see how it retracts. Maybe an ATV plow blade or even a gravely plow blade will work for what you are trying to accomplish with your tractor with fabrication and hydraulics of coarse.


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              Buy yourself an atv with a 4 feet plow in the front and fly at her.
              Then take the blade off and go have fun.


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