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Another project

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  • Another project

    Now that I got a few weeks of work out of the way, I have some time for another project.

    11ga P&O sheet

    These are the sides I cut today out of two 4x10 sheets, the photos don't show it too well but there are some pretty good curves. My aim is to at least give it some illusion of having a partial twist, I am very limited on clamps of any size, so I am having to resort to 2x4's and threaded rod. While it will not have an actual twist, it will have some good compound curves.

    I will add another 4-5 ft section to the top to add to the twisting illusion ( I hope )

    I am building this one as a prototype, I want to make the next one bigger, and some how get a full 360 in there somewhere.
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    Very nice. All I did today was make a turkey LOL
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      looks cool nice job keep the pics coming


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        Cool turkey, That's why you save old sawblades


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          A few more photos from today.
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            Looks great Bubba!!!

            What is the end use of this project going to be? Are you using it for yourself or are you being commissioned to build it for someone else? It looks like something you'd see in a commons area of a mall or in the courtyard of a fancy office builcing.

            Did you design this yourself?

            I can't wait to see the finished project. Please don't let the thread die out without showing us more pictures.


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              Thanks, I've got 5 more days off, before I have to go back to the sweatshop, I should have it built, and hopefully in primer, by then.

              Just for my yard, Unless someone drives by, and wants it !

              With each one, I'm trying to get bigger, and more complex, but I think in order to ever sell one, I will have to make the jump to stainless. The painted ones just don't have the same WOW factor. I have good luck clearcoating Carbon steel, but I know, I will have to do it every few years.

              Like I said at the beginning of the post, I am trying to make one with a full twist, or two, but it just isn't working out that way ( maybe I'm going about it the wrong way ) I run a scrap crane at work, Sometimes when I mag up a scrap coil, it will telescope, That's what I'm after, I just want it to be boxed in. ( Maybe I'm going to have to buy a small scrap coil, bolt one end down to the floor, and pull the other end up to the roof ) Very easy to do with a crane, Not so easy at home by yourself, with limited tools.

              Or Maybe it's my Imagination that's Limited.
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                I've seen some of the metal art lust left to rust.

                By all means make the jump to stainless if you can it's not hard to weld at all. I'd rather weld stainless than anything, it's my favorite metal to work with. Stainless will really polish up nicely too!


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                  Got one 8ft strip welded on today, It's taking a long time to get it done with no kinks. Plus it took me 2 1/2 hours to pick up 2 more sheets. My steel supplier does not get in any hurry ( Guess they just don't care about small customers )


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                    Originally posted by hotrodjohn View Post
                    Very nice. All I did today was make a turkey LOL
                    I like it. looks good.


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                      Thanks, How's the snow in Maine ? My other half wants me to take her to Bar Harbor. Never been there in winter.


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                        HaHa, I said No kinks

                        I see from my own photo, that I do have a nice kink, where I was clamping it with the Unistrut.

                        I didn't see it out in the garage. Maybe I can shrink it out.


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                          A few more photos, I have one more piece to put on tomorrow, Then I have to get a piece of 1/2 plate for the base.
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                            A few more from today
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