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Some People want Rhinos......

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  • Some People want Rhinos......

    I want a Lifted Industrial Cart.

    ok im a bit odd and nuts but i love every minute of it. next door is a plant nursery that has been there ever since i moved into my house as a little lad. they have a few Taylor Dunn electric carts. as the old owners are getting into there mid 90's so they closed up shop. sold off a bunch of stuff but they have one electric cart still there. its been there for a year or two now. im planning to ask the owner if i could have it either for free or really cheep. they used to have about 5 others there and they sold them off. so this poor sheep is sitting out there rottin away, and ive wanted it since i was 5yrs old.

    (crappy cell phone picture of said lone cart. its a 3 wheeled cart BTW.)

    so everyone has Yamaha rhino's, lifted golf carts, etc..... me! i want a lifted and 4X4 industrial vehicle.

    ive done some reading and Taylor Dunn mostley used Ford 9" rear ends they are really narrowed down quite a bit. if that's the case id yank the 3rd member and install a normal truck type 3rd member with a yoke on the pinion, and get me a jeep Dana 30 front Axel or something of that sort, that's small cheep and narrow it down also. as for my front Axel i plan to position it directly under the front seats maybe a little forward.

    the cart pictured is a uni body style 3 wheeled setup. the current front wheel is located right under the drivers bench seat. i plan to cut the front wheel out of it and weld in some 2x3 tube to make some frame rails so i can put my leaf springs on there, and add cross members to stiffen it up a little. the units design is 16ga steel diamond plate and 3/16" angle iron, so its built tuff.

    now for the drivetrain, this is why im making a bit long post to get some ideas and maybe other options on one way i was thing of powering this project.

    1st idea: keep it electric at either the stock 36V system or up the voltage and use a new controller. my plan was to get a Manuel transfer case of some kind and figure out a way to attach the electric motor directly to the transfer case and go that route.


    2nd idea: use a small engine somewhere in the 15 to 22HP range and a 3spd Manuel transmission and clutch setup like my '79 cushman haulster, and some how couple the transmission to the transfer case. reverse is a big need and depending what cushman type and year i get my transmission, i can get a get a really low geared transmission.

    (pic of said '79 cushman. no im not taking the drive train out of it for this project idea. it runs good and is almost complete, just a bit tired)

    so there you have it, my oddball project idea.

    would prefer to make it gas powered, so any inputs on a small clutch and reversing transmission set up i could use in case i can not find the parts from a cushman would be great.

    something to tinker with have fun and be DIFFERENT!

    its something ive been thinking about for a while now. ive spent the last week or so researching ways to build build this monster, and needed to get my idea out there on the net to get some ideas from others.

    BTW: the 3 wheeled cart is 10' long and 3' wide, the wheels and tires will stick out to widen it some. and the wheelbase should be around what a golf cart is, if not more.

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    Surplus Center has lawn tractor transmissions for reasonable prices. Many of them have reverse, and some even have two speeds of reverse.

    Off camber stability is greatly reduced with 3 wheel designs. Keep that in mind, as when you lift it, you'll only make things worse.

    So if you're not going to go too crazy with your off road travels in it, good luck and have fun.


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      its not staying 3 wheeled. the gray one will lol its dads yard cart. the green one when i get it will be 4 wheeled.

      i plan to do a narrowed solid automotive front axle. to match up with the narrowed rear automotive axle.

      its quite heavy so i would doubt a lawn tractor transmission would be strong enough for the weight and power.

      link to surplus center by chance?


      • #4
        Google it.

        Automotive axles are far more than you need in that size vehicle. You'll consume more power turning the hypoid gears than you realize. Lawn tractors can be built with pretty stout engines, you just need a transmission that will handle it. If you're that he l l bent on going automotive, get an 80's honda and rob the entire driveline out of it. You'll get power steering, real suspension, and the whole works will be ready to run once you strap it to your chassis.


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          its going to be four wheel drive, hence the reason of using a automotive front end. by time its lifted up and on 22" tires it wouldn't be something you would want to go really fast in anyways.

          the green unit isn't very wide anyways its 3'6" wide now but my idea of a final width somewhere under 5' wide. more like 4'6" wide but will see.

          mostlikley the action it would see is fire roads, desert cruising, maybe the flat parts of the sand dunes at the OHV oceano dunes, ca, dumont dues, ca etc.


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            You do realize what you want to do would be better served starting from scratch right?

            Making it look like a cushman cart when you're done is pretty easy with flat sheet aluminum.


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              yept i do. right now its a idea. it may or may not happen. but work is slow and i need something to keep my mind busy.


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                im trying to find the drive line from a cushman LIKE pictured (gray POS). the parts ive found are either WAY to far away or WAY overpriced. im trying to find like power transmission devices from other vehicles other then just cushman. reason im asking here.


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                  But the cushman's aren't 4wd.

                  Seriously, you'd be better off taking the guts of an s10 and making a buggy than trying to adapt something like that cart to what you want.

                  Crappy old trucks are cheap, and you'd start with complete systems - which may need refurbing, but you'd at least be able to go to a parts store and get one.


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                    I just dont know. some people just dont now when to buy it all ready.


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                      Find an old small 4x4 like a jeep or something, take off the body & then mount your body on top of it. Much easier.


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                        Ok, I'm not going to tell you to buy a Jeep or small 4x4 truck and modify it. I've been thinking of making a vehicle like you mentioned also. I don't have a Cushman to start with so I'll start from scratch. Without looking at the Cushman chassis I won't say you'd be better starting from scratch. I'm going to use a 20hp-25hp horizontal shaft engine (Briggs,Kohler, whatever comes along). I have a 3 speed Gm manual transmission and I'll link it to a 4x4 transfer case. This will give me a driveshaft to the front and one to the rear. Right now I plan on using narrowed S10 pickup rearends. Link the motor to the 3 speed trans with a snowmobile clutch setup. This will allow the motor to idle without the driveline engaged and you'll be able to change gears and not have a clutch pedal. When you give the engine throttle the drive clutch will engage and move the vehicle forward or reverse (depending on the gear the trans is in). The 4x4 transfer case gives you 4 wheel high or low range and the option to just run in 2 wheel drive (incase you want to go down a road). So thats a total of 6 forward gears and 2 gears in reverse. I also want to make mine articulate steering. I plan on using 4 garden tractor 12" rear rims with 26"x12"x12" tires. I plan to have the engine, trans, and transfer case in the front half and be sitting on top of the engine. I would like the back half to have a dump bed similar to the Cushman you pictured. I plan on using it to haul firewood, plow snow, and to general yard work. Right now this is all in the planning and part collecting state and none of this drivetrain has been proven to work.


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                          i like your project idea. maybe we can bounce ideas back and forth.

                          for the 2 carts i have pictured, the gray cushman is our yard cart and its staying as it looks in the picture. i used it for a reference picture for people who didn't know what a 1979 cushman haulster was.

                          the green cart which is a Taylor Dunn, i do not know the year is the one i plan to chop into. the Taylor are more popular anymore and i wouldn't feel as guilty chopping into it rather than my gray cushman

                          what type of snowmobile clutch do you plan to use and how are you going to attach it to the GM transmission?

                          im currently finishing up my Bar stool racer which has a 5hp Briggs Flathead engine on it and a comet torq-a-verter on it. which operates in the same way a variable belt drive on a snow mobiles.

                          whats neat about the cushman haulsters drive train is mine has a Kohler K301 12hp cast iron engine with a clutch Bel housing and small 3spd trans with reverse all bolted together just like a truck does. it makes for a nice package. so im trying to find a bel housing and trans and re power with more then 12hp. but in case i cannot find a setup of the like im looking for other ways or other machines with similar setups to use.

                          hopefully i make sense, its not easy for me to word my ideas very well and ten to make a mess trying to explain my ideas, from head to finger tip.


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                            Do a search on the web for "japenese mini truck". This will bring you many cool little trucks like your talking about & you most likely will find parts that might work with your project. Also "kei ofroad trucks".
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                              Sorry forgot you were going to modify the Taylor Dunn. I would strip the electric motor and controller out of it and resale it. You should be able to get some decent money for it.
                              I've seen those 3 speed Cushman trans setups like your talking about. They are perfect, but hard to find. If I could find one with a Kohler K301 I'd use it. All you would need would be a pickup transfer case. Early 80's to early 90's Ford f150 pickups had a nice compact and durable transfer case that takes common u-joints.
                              On the snowmobile clutch setup, if I went this route I'd use Polaris clutches. They are very good and very easy to tune. I would use a clutch disc that fit the 3 speed trans and strip it down to just the hub, then weld on a chain sprocket on to the clutch disc hub and chain drive the motor to the trans. If that makes sense? I too have a hard time explaining things on these forums.
                              If I didn't care and money was no object, I would just buy a Pug Badlands. Google it and check it out!


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