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MM211 custom welding cart

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  • MM211 custom welding cart

    This is the welding cart I built for my MM211 welder. I wanted more than just the plain cart avalible for it that has no storage. A welder is just the start, then you make 50 trips to get everything you need. I made places to carry the spoolgun in its box, a small tackel box to carry extra tips and parts, an aluminimum box for gloves, wire, pliers, wrench, wire brush, and other stuff. The front has a holder to roll the cables up on and a sleave to hold the gun while working, also a holder for mig pliers. The machine is bolted to the cart and there is a storage bin between the welder and bottles for the mig whip when using the spool gun. The welder is set to one side making a small ledge to give a work area to set tools and wire rolls on while changing spools. There is a capability to hold 3 bottles and they are secured from moving with 2 ratchet straps. There is a lifting ring on top so the whole rig can be lifted into a truck or trailer ready to weld. A few strategic cross bars to attach tie downs to and she is ready to go.
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    Nice job. Switch your spoolgun over to the regular mig gun tip and you can get rid of 1/2 of your tips and the expense of those little tips...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Very nice! I like the 4-gang j-box on the front of the cart too! All you need is a couple hooks to hang your grinders and hood on and you'll have the complete mobile work station!
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        Nice job.
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          Nice job, my only suggestion would be to raise the gun holder up some.
          A little too low for me !

          All in All, nice job though !!

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            at least it holds everything togather.