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Cab Protector dimensions and material list

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    I miss the ocean. I smell the ocean and it's like i'm smelling home, a part of my childhood. know what I mean? If your into fly fishing or river fishing wl is good for that. not only do you get to see wildlife here but you also get to see drunks and junkies hanging out in the parks. It's like a real zoo and everything, lmao. it's real clean and classy lol lol. but like you say the surrounding areas are beautiful. the thing is, I live in w.l. and still have to drive like 2-4 hours just to get to a decent lake or river. the lakes and rivers that are near w.l. are dirty and over populated. It's ok if you want to listen to a bunch of loud school kids party all night. charlotte lake, quesnel forks, and raft creek are nice spots if you want to stay close to w.l. but I want to take longer trips and venture out further. Take like 7 days and hit some nice lakes and rivers. we did a 6 day hike one year with a bunch of friends and seen some amazing lakes with no roads going to them. Plane access only. now these are trully beautiful lakes. one lake had white sandy beaches like we were in hawaii with huge ice capped mountins in the background. next summer we're going to the island for our hollidays, but mabey I'll be able to fit a trip in before the summer ends. I can't cut wood with that blade? lol lol
    just joking can you picture me trying to burn my way through a piece of wood? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ive only been ocean fishing a few times. Ive done lots of salmon fishing in rivers but can you imagine fishing tuna? that would be insane. one year we were in the canals of bella coola jigging in a 14' boat. little did we know that around noon the wind picks up speed due to the deep canals in the area we were at and created like 15 - 16 foot waves and they were growing. the boat would actually travel backwards on the down slope of the swell. we had to seek refuge in a bay with a single dock and one commercial fishing boat. the guy said he was watching us and thought we were not going to make it. that was fun. we caught lots of fish then that night the tourists next to us at the camp site diddent know any better and put all thier crab shells, seafood etc. in trash cans and left it out all night. the next morning everything outside was destroyed. Every bear in the province came for lunch. that was a fun trip................................. let's hear the racetrack fuels story
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      squeak squeak squeak

      It gets cold in them thar hills when winter sets in. Last year, the korean owner of the station who barely speaks english let his frost free outside fawcet freeze up...and it split, leaked and got turned off or so he thought. Well in the spring,actually late spring the missus and I went to the cabin for some r&r. We have no running water, no well and no power. We rely on water we truck in, in 60 gallon barrels. we have four of these and this usually lasts us the summer. We have a solar power set up that provides us with enough electricity to pump the water in these barrels to the sink and shower.

      Anyway, we went to go and fill up our barrels as we usually do at the gas station. we get there, begin to fill, get half way done the first barrel and I says to the missus that the pressure seems down from last year. About that same time the guy comes running out screaming at us to stop filling! Stop filling. No water here no water here! You somewhere else. No water here!!

      We spend alot of money on fuel and sundries at this place as it is the nearest grocery in the area otherwise we have to run into 100mile. So i ask him why no water.. he say "broken ! no water you go elswhere..."
      Im a handy guy, And I like to help people when I can.. SO i ask him to show me the pipe. he says to me. " oh.. you no trust me.." uhg..
      I say back to him: no I want to see maybe I can fix it"
      I already know I can fix it for him, I just need to know what i have to get.. So, he shows me.. and its a simple twenty dollar fix. maybe 20 bucks more to run around and get parts to fix it. Country price- the neighbourly thing to do.
      So i tell him, I'll fix it for you. he says, the part cost 25 dollars at the hardware store...

      We drive to Kamloops some three hours away for the day. Good thing it was a combination trip. We go to home depot i find the part for 14.00 bucks. I buy it. We do some touristy things whilethere and at twilight we start our way back north to Lone Butte. we get stopped by the conservation officers along the way too. I guess i look like a poacher... Anyway the next day I go to put the peice in for him, And he goes cheap. He asks me how much I want to do it. I say oh I dont know .. how about fifty bucks? I figure thats more than fair. A real plumber would have charged him three times as much.. The firken guy say to me.. no you do it for 40.00 dalla.. I tell him thats not enough. I would like to have fifty dollars. I think its fair, we spend alot of money in your store and you'll see the return in no time.. he says to me the cheap ---tard. "you go now, too expensive. no want you fix it." So im stuck with a frost free fawcett, a shocked disbelief of how stingy some can be and no water.. to this day there is still no water.. and that was last june.

      I often think of making a sign I can put on the side of his building..
      that says something along the lines of "I'm a cheap Bast-rd"... I haven't done it yet. I figure the world will take care of him soon enough. Another idea I had was to get people to ask him if he had any running water so that they could fill up their potable water tanks... This little station is so busy in the summer. you owuld not believe it..
      they sell gas, food, booze, hardware, and nicknacks... cheap thats my race fuels story. I hope you readers had a least.

      that methylene chloride sorta worked but kinda didnt either. I'll have to go get a can of poly strippa, same stuff as in the spray can, just a different namebrand and packaging method.


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        last stop for water .............

        it's still not fixed? Unbelievable ! are we still in canada or what? I'd boil swamp water before I went back. sounds like you guys got your self's a pretty neat little set up, with the solar power and all. Any fire hydrants around?"wink wink" lol. It's amazing how far some people will go just to make your day that much harder. my kid could solder pipe. how is it still broken? mabey he's just too lazy or just doesent care. what if I had a pregnant wife going into labor and I had emergency rad problems. Can't fit a jug in the bathroom sink and a dixie cup just aint going to cut it.


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          Guys I read the whole tread, and have a question: signwave what about the alum boat?

          I am very much into boats, ANY boat metal o aluminim, sailboat, row boat, powerboat you name it ha ha ha


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            Gman, check out "who enjoys a challenge" if yo read from page one you can see pics and the like of the boat. Enjoy!


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              you like boats gman? then you should buy my 8' unsinkable life/rowboat that came off a big comercial boat. It would help fund the miter chop saw foundation i have going lol. my daughter doesen't like to use it, so it's useless to me. here are some pictures..........................
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                boat ..........

                more pictures ..................
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                  How much you want for the snoshovel and rake hangin on the wall?


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                    ha ha ha ha ha ha you don't like my kids ocean liner ? that piece of crap no good for nothing shovel...........we don't use it, so it'll cost ya $5000.
                    oh ya .....................and elvis used it. lol lol.


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