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Army tank welds

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    some more of the Boss- the stuff related to this thread.... there are some other images at the end of page three.
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      Originally posted by SignWave View Post
      some more of the Boss-
      That's cool. there's a old Sherman out fron of a local VFW that I stop and look at on occasion.

      Back then: They were built fast and furious.
      They wanted them on a ship, and headed for Europe as fast as they could,
      and no extra points were given for neatness.

      The Russians were even faster and more furious--
      Sometimes without even being painted.
      There was a time when some their tanks rolled out of the factory,
      and were in battle the same day- only a few miles from the production line.



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        Originally posted by Winger Ed. View Post
        That's cool. there's a old Sherman out fron of a local VFW that I stop and look at on occasion.

        Right on, can you take a picture of it and post here?


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          cool pics, Did you know the M4"A5" meant it was built in Canada. Couldn't find what the "EH" meant, could be different suspension, or different gun maybe.
          there is also one at my local VFW, should take a pic of it.


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            Eh? Who says Eh? Not me Eh?
            some folks say "uh", some say "er", Some others say "um"...
            which of those do politicians say??? EH? Hahahahahahaaa!!! wanna clue?

            Dumb, Duh....


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              LOL......I meant the "EH" in the M4A5EH, on the plaque....ha ha ha


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                I've been reading thru some of the older posts. It's been over 20 years since I was on a tank, but still miss the firepower. We used HEAT rounds on the M-48s and Sabot and APFS on the M-60 as well as HEAT rounds to defeat armor. It was great to see the welds on the Shermans.


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                  I did basic training at Ft Knox, and have fond memories of seeing the sound and light show while on fire guard or CQ duty when they were doing night exercises.

                  Also, watching them pull out onto the road and hammer the throttle is nothing short of impressive. Those machines jump considering how heavy they are.


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                    i live alittle north of dayton and they do make them in lima ohio people from the company came into HIWT when i was there they have a 6 week training program before they will even let you actually work or the tanks or any vehicles there


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                      Originally posted by HMW View Post
                      LOL......I meant the "EH" in the M4A5EH, on the plaque....ha ha ha
                      On the Plaque is M4A3E8


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                        Bradley rounds

                        hey anti-gmaw not trying to discredit you just FYI bradley are 25mm, and the a10 are 30mm. 30mm converts to about 1.18". The M1 shots a 120mm round which is about 4 3/4".

                        SSG US Army
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                          Tank Overhaul

                          I know this thread has drifted a little but FYI the show that has the tank welding on it is called Tank Overhaul it's on History Channel or The Millitary Channel. There are only 4 episodes so far but hopefully more to come.


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