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Made a trailer tongue toolbox, check it out

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    Originally posted by cwswelding View Post
    Would love to have the dimensions and where you purchased your hardware at. What gauge was your sheet metal?
    If you slow down and read my original post, you'll see that I already listed where the hardware came from and what gauge steel I used.


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      Originally posted by m.k.swelding View Post
      looks real good. but did you save a money building a box vs buying one.
      Compared to what? You can't buy a toolbox like this one.


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        Originally posted by Rlrsk8r View Post

        I was reading your post and trying to think of some nasty joking comment to post. However, l look at you as being an ARTISAN and there is absolutely nothing I can say other than what you build is QUALITY. You make me ENVY you to the utmost !

        I do have some questions, tho. Did you build the trailer frame ? I would imagine you did, since I haven't seen a mobile home frame that has that secondary bracing that is in yours.

        How long did it take to build it ?

        How much does it weigh ? And do you have any idea what the capacity is ?

        I have a trailer that I have put almost 5 tons on but the steel rails bowed/sagged some and I would like to have a trailer, even if it has to have oak rails, that would carry more than what I have.

        Check out this and let me know if you have any more specific questions about it.