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    Originally posted by RonL View Post
    "It may only have 4psi working pressure but if something goes wrong in the system the pressure could spike extremely high. I've welded a ton of pipe where they said it's only 2 or 4 psi but could spike as high as 2000psi."

    A steam heating system, if well designed, should never go above 2PSI. The Empire State building is heated with 2PSI. That is why the piping is so large. Relief valves are set at 15 or 30 PSI. If a cast iron boiler spiked to 2000PSI, the boiler itself would explode! Not to mention the fact that most schedule 40 fittings are rated at only 150 PSI. If a low pressure steam heating system hits 5 PSI the system was designed wrong.

    They probably ment that it has the potential to spike that high. The point is if you don't know what you are doing Don't do it! Not to mention the head pressure on a 2-4 psi 6" line is fairly high.
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