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My first project: a fence for my front yard

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    looks good. you must have had fun mounting them to the concreat.


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      Thanks. Right now, it's just sitting on the concrete. I've got a hammer drill and the base plates waiting to go, but I've had work stuff getting in the way.

      For what it's worth, it's surprisingly stable just sitting there. It's heavy.
      Jack Olsen
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        looks really good. nice job.
        ??? i have never seen tile in a garage tho ???


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          "Fencing, Anyone?"

          Jack: You did a fine job! Looks like Pasadena? You in the Writer's Guild?

          "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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            Originally posted by glh View Post
            i have never seen tile in a garage tho ???
            I love it. I put it in myself. Clean up is easy, since it's non-porous. You can walk barefoot on it. And it was 68 cents a square foot from Home Depot, for commercial grade tiles. They've held up to dropped tools and jacks fine, so far. Welding slag will burn them, though.

            Originally posted by davedarragh View Post
            Looks like Pasadena? You in the Writer's Guild?
            Miracle Mile, near the Tar Pits. (And yes, WGA since 1995. I re-did the garage during the strike.)
            Jack Olsen
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              Originally posted by Jack Olsen View Post
              Again, thanks for the compliments. Next up is to try and work out a self-closing gate that can swing both ways and lock when I need it to.
              You don't live that close to West Hollywood
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                "Miracle Mile"

                Jack: Well, I was close. Much nicer than the Miracle Mile "district" in Tucson

                "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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                  It's true. 'Miracle Miles' are only occasionally an actual mile, and are almost never miracles.
                  Jack Olsen
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                    As a 39 years of experience fabricator that I am I have to say You are a natural Good Job only thing That I havent done is use wood for fixtures but it works without a table to build a fixture I have built a fence panel and welded small plates on pickets and runners to use as a fixture this way all panels are the same but again you should be proud of your acomplishment thanks S NUNEZ


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                      Great job! I have to do something like that now to replace the low (36") wrought iron fence around my pool here in So CA. Got a a lot of good ideas from looking at your work. Thanks!
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                        Great Job Jack. I couldn't convince the misses after showing her the pix that we "needed" a fence too.
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                          Great job. You may give some thought to growing vines on your beautiful fence. The fact that it is made of steel will require maintenance and the vines would make it difficult to repaint. None the less it is a beautiful addition to your home.


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                            that shop looks waaaaaaaaaaayyyy too clean and organized

                            job looks good though. i'm surprised you went with tubing, solid bar wasn't cheaper?
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                              NICE work!


                              Nice garage! The steel bench hinges out far enough that the bench can fold up vertical? I see the adjustable feet you put on the legs. Good idea.
                              Was reading your narrative and thought to myself; "this person writes" and then seen the WGA sign on the wall by the garage door.
                              I too like jigs, and wood works fine for me too.
                              You sure did a nice job of it. Beautiful looking fence, the way it turned out. I've never done anything like that, but I would say you should be able to smile pretty big when visitors come over to visit and comment on it. Kudos.

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                                Great Job, Jack

                                Don't sell yourself , short. That's a fantastic looking fence. What brand of cold saw do you have? Is it high rpm or low? Looks like it would beat using an abrasive cut-off saw ten times over, especially inside. Thanks for sharing all the pics and the experience.


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