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    Originally posted by 68 Massey View Post
    Victor customer care told me that once I used my regulator on propane not to use it on acyl. Said that the stench in propane would build up a film & cut down on the presure of acyl.
    68 Massey:

    I find that interesting. I have been using propylene, or propane now for about five years, and keep an owned bottle of acetylene on hand for the odd occassion when I need it. I have the big Victor regulators. Probably 98% of the time the regulator is running propane, 2% of the time back on acetylene. After five years of this I can see NO problems with pressure adjustment when using acetylene. Seems like it would have to be one heck of a film to cut down on the pressure. As I said it is interesting and something that I will keep an eye on.


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      My Victors are old and I really prefer them to anything for cutting. I prefer my Harris for welding. My Smith is in the oddity collection as I can't get tips for it here.

      Acetylene is more efficient for cutting and heating than propane, and there is no stinky smell. I'm actually getting acetylene cheaper than propane down here.
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      Do it right, do it once. And in all things ya get what ya pay for.


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        Never used propylene but my LWS had some literature about it last time I was in. While I can't find the literature at this time my recollection was that correct hose was required (as mentioned by others) and perhaps tips although I'm fuzzy on this.

        The literature was very strong on added safety benefits of propylene over acetylene.
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