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    Hey Sporty.
    Just know that you are not alone. My wife was diagnosed 5 years ago come this December. We know what you are going through. She has been through the surgery, Chemo, and Radiation. So far she has had no recurrances. I don't think you ever can feel that you have beaten it, but with the Lord's help you can get through it. Please tell your wife that everyone's story is different. Do not let her assume that the bad and tragic things that have happened to others she may know or hear about, predict anything about her experience. All the walks and fund-raising and other efforts have helped bring the best, most current treatments to every clinic, so you don't have to go to NYC, or Mexico, or Texas. Trust your docs and work with them.
    God Bless both of you, and good luck.


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      Thanks for all the kind thoughts fellows. Since we are early into this journey, I'm sure we'll learn much more as we go along.

      JDUSTU - Please forgive me if I have hijacked your thread. That was not my intention and also thank you for allowing me to glean ideas from your beautiful work. I admire your skills and imagination.


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        Hey Old Sporty,

        Didn't go back and read all your posts, but was wondering what your attachment to the Cobra was. Did you fly them when on active duty?

        I was in VN when the Army was transitioning from the old B Model gunships to the Cobra. The Cobra was a "smoke bringer". Pulled my buns out of more than one hot spot. Was down in the Delta so our tac-air support was somewhat spotty. Can't tell you what a good feeling it was when a heavy fire team (1 LOH, 2 Cobras) popped over the woodline.


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          SundownIII - My attachment to the Cobra is that I became involved in the VHPAF through my best friend of over 20 years. He flew Hueys, both slicks and guns. Also, I lost a BIL in a helicopter crash near Tay Ninh. I have friends that flew almost anything in the air in VN. I am the chapter crew chief and build, restore, or fix anything that needs it. I am not rotor rated as all my time is fixed wing.

          We have a section at the Veterans museum in Tampa and have a charlie model Huey, an OH-58, an OH-6, and the Cobra which is a foxtrot model on display.

          We set up an LZ at the Sun-N-Fun in Lakeland each year and display the OH-6 and have a GP medium tent filled with Vietnam era memorabilia. Fortunately for me, it's right across the street from the Miller tent. When I take breaks, guess where I am?

          If you are ever down this way, let me know and I'll give you directions to the museum.


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            I'll do that.

            I like choppers but they don't seem to like me. Crashed (shot down) in 3 D Mod huey's during my time in SEA. Only one of those crashes was what I consider a real knockdown (7 51 cal rounds thru the front windscreen). The rest were due to small arms fire taking out the hydraulics.

            I guess you get what you pay for. Seems like back then the govt. was paying about $250K/huey. Today's Blackhawk is in the millions.

            Have a great day. Take care of the better half.


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              Originally posted by Old Sporty View Post

              JDUSTU - Please forgive me if I have hijacked your thread. That was not my intention and also thank you for allowing me to glean ideas from your beautiful work. I admire your skills and imagination.
              Sorry man, I just saw this! No worries at all!

              I can't wait to see what you come up with


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                "Strength & Beauty" brought in $400 at the silent auction on Saturday!



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                    Originally posted by Old Sporty View Post
                    Thank you for doing this project.

                    I haven't said anything before, but I have been dealing with my dear, dear, wife of 39 years and her diagnosis of ****** cancer in April of this year. No one can truly appreciate what a family (specifically the spouse and child) goes through when you learn the most important person in your life has a potentially life threatening disease. It has been the worst four months of both mine and her lives.

                    She finally had surgery on July 6 and according to her surgeon, she should be cancer free. No one can be sure, however. She will still have to go through at least 5 years of medicinal therapy and has the small possibility of some chemo. I don't think the Pope himself has prayed any more than we have and we continue to do so.

                    Since her surgery, I've been her nurse, housekeeper, chauffer, shoulder to cry on, hairdresser, bath boy, and the soldier that will go to battle for her with anything that gets in the way.

                    You have given me the inspiration to do something similar for our local ****** cancer society. I knew I wanted to do something, but didn't know quite what form it would take. I ask your permission to borrow some of your ideas for my project.

                    Thank you for posting this as it brought a warm feeling to me and gives me a positive reason to get back in the shop with a purpose.

                    It appears the forum censor has **'ed out a specific word, but you know what I am speaking of.

                    Thanks again.
                    Hey Sporty,

                    Sorry to hear about your wife's bout with cancer, I lost my mother to the same cancer when I was a teenager. You can count my prayers in as well and I hope she makes a full recovery and y'all get another 39 years together!!!!



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                      Thanks Blondie.

                      I'm currently working on a small project for this cause but between other demands, it's taking me a bit longer than I planned. I'll post pics of it when done.

                      Jdustu - Glad to hear of your sculpture's success at auction. It is a great piece and you did a great job on it.


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