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Belt Grinder Build

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  • Belt Grinder Build

    After looking around for a nice belt sander I realized one thing, they are expensive. What I was looking for was going to run me $1500 to $2200 and I just couldn't justify that.
    I got to looking around on various fab sites and had seen where people were building there own and decided that was the route for me. After about 2 weeks of gathering info on material and parts I went after it. It took about 2 weeks working on it when I could but I am so very happy with it. It's powerful and will flat get the job done.
    It's a 2hp motor with variable speed pulleys(1200, 2600 and 5250 FPM) and holds a 2x72" belt. I added a flat platen attachment, slack belt attachment for deburring and 10" wheel for a bit more precise edge grinding. I made two work rest, a 4x6" and a 4x15".

    It's been challenging yet rewarding building this grinder, although it's not finished yet I'm sure pleased with the outcome so far, I've even had a couple of friends ask me to build them one.

    Here's a few pictures of the beast

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          Real nice job...Bob


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            looks like a nice heavy duty unit. You done a real nice job..


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              nice unit

              are measured drawings and parts lists available ( in my best Norm voice )


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                That thing looks like it could take a mortar round! Talk about heavy duty. Looks great


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                  Belt Grinder

                  Wow what a great idea.
                  I like the wheel, wrench and the self tension adjusting spring.



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                    Thanks everyone. I'm tickled with it. Every time I use it I giggle

                    Should tickled and giggle ever be used in the same post?
                    Last edited by proorange; 07-14-2009, 09:22 PM.


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                      Very nice work proorange.

                      It looks to me like all chances of flexing or bending are not going to be an issue. I sure wish I had more room, but my current setup won't allow many more large tools.

                      Get a little paint on it and it will look like one you bought.

                      Making one for a friend could be ok if they buy all your supplies, and supply bbq, and last but not least, they could do all the cutting and fitting so you can weld it up and make it work.

                      I get alot of friends wanting something built but they dont want to hang around and help. So for the ones that cant help, they of course pay for gas wire and steel. But they also get a nice little bill for my time. I dont get rich, I do help out a friend, and I make a little fun money.

                      Once again very nice work. I would love to see it when it is all finished.


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                        Nice job, Thanks for finally providing some clarity to the tracking mechanism. Always liked the Unigrinder, but never could see from their site how they accomplished the tracking.


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                          Belt Grinder

                          Very nice job.
                          I have two of these in the shop that use the 2 x 72 belts. One is a Bader and the other is a shop built copy of the Bader using the Bader wheels and cone pulleys. The Bader is an industrial quality machine and the wheels are expensive but they are high quality parts and last. What I found was that this is one of those things that once you have one you wonder how you worked without it. The Bader with a 2 hp motor and 60 grit belt will hog out 1/4 thick stock without breaking a sweat and do that all day and quality 72 inch belts don't wear out fast. The Bader wheel options go from around one inch diameter up and are quick to interchange.
                          Happy grinding!


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                            That's an awesome grinder. I especially like the belt tensioner spring retainer tubing cups, amongst all of the other greatness.

                            Your pictures are bordering on p0rn


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                              Originally posted by proorange View Post
                              Thanks everyone. I'm tickled with it. Every time I use it I giggle

                              Should tickled and giggle ever be used in the same post?
                              Yes it's ok to use tickled and giggle in the same post. It's like "fine and dandy"
                              They can be used separately or together but never in a biker bar.

                              I like your sander. Good job. I have one similar to that I built. Suggestions:
                              make a guard for the belt edge as the edge can go through flesh in a flash(ask me how I know) 13 stitches and $700 poorer after that. Also guard the open belt and pulley........they're are just waiting for a loose shirt tail to grab. Again, good work....................................Nick


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