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Look What $800.00 Will Get Ya !!(Not Much)

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    sorry make that columns.
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      Correction Accepted

      Ok Ok Ok... I have received some good criticism from Reggie and no dought others have thought it and did not comment on it. Well I fixed it (I think) I ran a stringer bead to tie the weave in. After looking at it, it does look better than before. I think if there is any force on any of the welds it will be from the wind and not from the load. Anyway there it is my work is done, the contractor picks them up today (I hope) Thanks to all that have visited my post...
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        Originally posted by reggie
        your right urch with the load being down it aint going anywhere,appearance of weld more than anything is what the nit picking was over,for that load design being tacked up woud keep it together...will the columns be left visible?..if so guess thats why you went with the galv...hope you don't have to wait to long to be know the game contractors play,can't pay you till they get paid...
        Thanks Reggie for your comment. Yes the pipe is exposed but all the "hardware" will be covered in stucco. I told the contractor to be sure to coat it with some zinc other wise you will have rust bleed though. as of 8:25 pm they are still sitting here. I have done work for this guy before so I know what to expect from him, plus He only lives three houses away, all that is in my favor..At least I know which door to knock on....



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          you can get that much for $800


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            Im a little suprised that they didnt call for a cap on the top of the column... I know you put a filler strip in but man 1" is a pretty big gap to fill. IMO it mat have been quicker to cut a cap weld it on and then weld the support to your capped column... but if thats what the engineer calls for then i guess its good to go. Just might have saved you having to weld 6-7 passes