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School is looking better already

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  • School is looking better already

    Hey everyone I haven't been on in the past two weeks or so and I just started my welding program, I have to say I was only there one day but just being there it was like a dream they just got two brand new machines from ESAB and Lincoln worth a $30,000 price tag the only two in Prince Edward Island as well. Today was just a big get together bbq at the big college in town, I went to different areas to meet different people and one person definitely got my attention when saying $1000 I found out that since I lived in PEI all my life and for the last year completing high school ( everyone has this opportunity is they qualify) I get $1000 given to my for the next 3 years for either my tuition or for what ever I want and this year its for what ever I want but its all going to be for my gas and my cell phone bill. But I have to say my welding program is going to be a great experience we even have a young lady there with us I'm glad to see that girls are getting involved with the trades now. There seems to be more and more coming to the college every year. They have one success story where a girl graduated and ended up getting a job up at Atlantic turbines welding exotic metals for aero planes, and I may also add she got into a car accident the same year and broke her back and tried to come back to school a week later wanting to finish the course all I can say is thats pure determination. Keep on coming girls we need ya out in the trade

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    Welding School

    Hey youngwelder it's good to see that you haven't forgot about us on here.
    What is the school going to start you out on first?
    I know 3 journeywoman in the welding trades.They work in the ship yards here in Vancouver.How long is the course that you will be taking?
    Are you getting any ideas about what direction that you might like to go when done; Or are you going to try and strick out on your own and try and make a go of it?I would advise not to but get a few years experience first.
    Anyway good luck keep us up dated okay.


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      Show you that if the girl can get a great job doing exotic metals, then ask the teacher to start letting you learn tig after regular class hours...More you learn, more you practice, the better!!!!!!


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        Congrats Young welder, keep up the good work. The world needs more young people who will work


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          Darmik; I am planning on getting into something along the lines of aluminum welding and thinking of something like custom car bike building. I'm not sure how that will happen but theres always a chance. I'm not going to open up my own shop full time for a while I don't think I want to make sure I can know how to fix fabricate extremely good before that will happen, but I will be hopefully getting a shop going at home for me. I want to move down to the states hopefully California where its warm all year round and see if I can follow my bike and car fabrication there.

          Bert; I was hoping I can have after hour shop time but for the time being that isn't looking very good.

          HMW; I hope the worlds ready for me I want to work hard and make myself known for my skills


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            Hey dude I just started up my Welding class in Ontario, stuff looks pretty fun, they got a ton of brand new machines just begging to be tested

            wish there were some girls in my class though, dissapointed yet again.

            so far everyone out of the previous years has found work, the teacher has their jobs locations pinned up on a map which is pretty cool

            too bad we dont have a $1000 grant like that here, would really help things


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              wow, if you could start a shop at home, that would be awsome!!!
              something you might want to think about, if you go to California, they have motorcycle schools there to learn frame building and everything else...
              yeesh, hope you make it!!!!!!!


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                i thought you were going to say your school was full of hotties


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                  Man it's nice to see at least one of the younger generation has some goals and ambition, keep at it and good luck with your training. Dave


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                    Pics of projects

                    Your classmates and teachers will start having ideas of projects that you or they will make Be sure to post pics of anything that you think is cool
                    I have the whole weekend free, so contrary to what fun4now and Dabar said, I'm going to NOT paint my dad's house and going to start tracing and cutting out some aluminum leaves


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                      Glad to see ya back, I `am glad you like school also


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                        OUTSTANDING!!!! THATS HOW YA DO IT YOUNG154.
                        No matter what stick it out WE NEED MORE YOUNG PEOPLE INTERESTED IN THIS TRADE. I TOO have graduated from welding school(93).And you know what it was the best.

                        I'd recommend that all that can should

                        Great success.


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                          If custom fabrication and tube bending is your passion and dream, maybe consider volunteering to get some extra experience. I know the season is almost over, but take a side trip up to Raceway Park at Oyster Bed Bridge, walk through the pits, and find out who's building new cars and who's good to learn from. I was very fortunate to take in 3 race days at Oyster Bed while I was on the island..... Man, what a hoot. You guys are nuts. Back to the point of the thread - a fair amount of damage gets done there so guys are always repairing their tube chassis. Cary Lenentine comes to mind first with his Modified.
                          Another fellow... Kent "something" (it'll come to me later) lives in Crapaud & works for Atlantic Turbines.

                          Another good source may be the off-roaders that we saw at the Mud Rooters track in Desable. I don't have any names for you off-hand, but if you want, I'll contact my Bro-in-law that works in Summerside and see what he can dig up. He's has some friends involved with that side of motorsports. He's also planning to build an off-road truck of his own and my cables won't reach from Alberta.

                          Any amount of hands-on time will be worth it getting you one step closer to your dream.



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                            Thanks everyone, Black wolf I just may do that, I would actually love to gain skills in pipe bending as of now I'm all tied up until the summer and hopefully then I may get to try it. I have really grown fond of aluminum and I haven't even done it yet. Tomorrow we start in the shop with oxy fuel I cant wait to get my hands on a torch. As of now I have a place in mind for my OJT weld tech so Ill see how that goes. I actually did it I said bye bye to my piercings a crowbar and 10 minutes later everything was removed and I have to say I actually look normal again nobody could believe it. I'm all set I really have nothing holding me back anymore I would also like to add custom car building and building choppers as a career goal.


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                              Wow, Black Wolf, darn good tips!!! Congrats Ryan on taking off all the jewelry If Black Wolf is going to give you some leads and put his name out there for you, best to look professional! Good luck with your near future! My loan didn't go through as much as I wanted, so I couldn't get my pipe bender yet, but when I do, I'll let you know how it goes!!!


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